Geneseo Landing in Red Hook

Red Hook, Brooklyn

Geneseo Landing in Red Hook brings educational opportunities to Red Hook, NY, while expanding Geneseo's presence in the NYC region.

Why Red Hook?

Greg O'Connell graduated from Geneseo in 1964 and decided to move back to his home in New York City. Almost 30 years later, O'Connell took an interest in the waterfront neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn, where he proceeded to purchase 25 acres of historic Civil War-era warehouess. Knowing that Red Hook was just a jump from Manhattan, O'Connell's goal was to transform the buildings into spaces for small business, nonprofits, and manufacturers.

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Maddy Smith '14 is the Project Coordinator. Smith conducts research in Red Hook to inform faculty of potential coursework, research, and service opportunities and engages alumni in the NYC area. Her goal is to connect the SUNY Geneseo campus in a beneficial way with the Red Hook community.

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