CIT Classroom Technology at a Glance

CIT ClassroomsSmart Classrooms consist of a visualizer as well as a DVD player (in many cases VHS as well) and a laptop connection.

Smartbox rooms consist of a DVD/VCR as well as a laptop connection. Smartbox rooms are the standard for classrooms at Geneseo.

➤ To reserve a room contact Events and Scheduling.

➤ To report a problem with classroom technology contact the Help Desk at 585-245-5588 or via email.

PLEASE, when reporting classroom issues provide as much detail as possible, "it's broken/not working" will not assure successful resolution of your problem.


▼ Bailey

▼ Newton

▼ Blake

▼ Schrader

▼ Doty

▼ South Hall

▼ Fraser

▼ Sturges

▼ Integrated Science Center

▼ Wadsworth

▼ Milne Library

▼ Welles


023Conference room - LCD TV, Laptop Connection
101/102Smart Classroom (Touch Panel)
102/101Smart Classroom (Touch Panel)
103Smart Classroom (Touch Panel)
104Smart Classroom (Touch Panel)
105Smart Classroom (Touch Panel)
110Classroom - "Anthro workroom" LCD TV, Laptop Input
114Classroom - "Research Classroom" Laptop Input
115Conference room - LCD TV, Laptop Input
201Smart Classroom (Touch Panel)
202Smart Classroom (Touch Panel)
203Smart Classroom (Touch Panel)
204Smart Classroom (Touch Panel)
209Smartbox Classroom
214Conference Room - LCD TV, Laptop Connection
215Classroom - "Cartography Classroom" Smartbox Room
226Classroom - "Physical Geography Lab" Smartbox Room
246Smartbox Classroom
247Classroom- LCD TV, Laptop Connection


208/210BSmart Classroom (Plasma Displays, DV Deck, Dedicated Computer)


202Conference Room - "Admissions" LCD TV, Laptop Connection
234Conference Room - LCD TV, Laptop Connection
243Conference Room - LCD TV, Laptop Connection
300Smart Classroom - "Tower Room" (Touch Panel)
302ESmart Classroom - "Digital Seminar Room" (Touch Panel, Video Conference system, Eno Board)
307Conference Room - "Levison" LCD TV, Laptop Connection
309Conference Room - "President's" LCD TV, Laptop Connection
316Conference Room - LCD TV, Laptop Connection


104Smartbox Classroom
114Smartbox Classroom
119Smartbox Classroom
202ASmart Classroom
213Smart Classroom


115Smart Classroom - Dual Projection, Touch Panel
131Smart Classroom
136Smartbox Classroom
137Smartbox Classroom
229Smartbox Classroom
325Smart Classroom - Touch Panel
327ASmartbox Classroom

Milne Library

104Smart Classroom - "Lower Lab" Dual projection, Dedicated Computer, Computer Lab
105Smart Classroom - Dedicated Computer
121Smart Classroom - "Flexible Teaching Space", Dedicated Computer, Laptop Input, Eno Board
208Classroom- "TLC" Dedicated Computer, Laptop Input
213Smart Classroom - Table Seating


201*Smart Classroom - Dedicated Computer
202*Smart Classroom - Dual Projection, Touch Panel, Dedicated Computer
203*Smart Classroom - Dedicated Computer
204*Smart Classroom - Dual Projection, Touch Panel, Dedicated Computer
205Smart Classroom - Dedicated Computer, Mediasite system, Teleconference
206Smartbox Classroom
209Smartbox Classroom
212Smartbox Classroom
213Smartbox Classroom - Self recording (to DVD) capable
214*Smart Classroom - Dual Projection, Touch Panel, Dedicated Computer

* Microphone available for signout from Newton 121's AV desk M-Th 8AM-9PM and Friday 8-3:30PM


01Smartbox Classroom - Dual projection, Smart Board
04Smartbox Classroom

South Hall

110Conference Room - LCD TV, Laptop Connection
138Computer Lab- Dedicated Computer, Laptop Connection
210Conference Room - LCD TV, Laptop Connection
233Smart Classroom - Smart Board
235Smartbox Classroom - Smart Board, Visualizer
237Smartbox Classroom - Smart Board, Visualizer
241Smartbox Classroom - Smart Board, visualizer
244Smartbox Classroom - Smart Board
309Conference Room - LCD TV, Laptop Connection
328Smartbox Classroom - Smart Board, Visualizer
336Smart Classroom - "Math room"
338Smart Classroom
340Smart Classroom
341Classroom - Lab, Laptop Connection


103Smartbox Classroom - Visualizer
104Smartbox Classroom
105Smartbox Classroom - Visualizer
106Smartbox Classroom - Visualizer
108Smartbox Classroom
109Smartbox Classroom
111Smartbox Classroom
112Smartbox Classroom
113Smartbox Classroom - Visualizer
114Smartbox Classroom - Visualizer
208ASmartbox Classroom - Smart Board, Visualizer
219Smart Classroom - "Sturges Auditorium"
221Smartbox Classroom
223Smartbox Classroom - Visualizer


021Smartbox Classroom
204Smartbox Classroom


24Smart Classroom - Dedicated Computer, HDMI Input, Touch Panel
26Smart Classroom - Dedicated Computer, HDMI Input, Touch Panel
111Smartbox Classroom - "Walter Harding Room"
115Smartbox Classroom
117Smartbox Classroom
119Smart Classroom
121Smart Classroom
123Smart Classroom
128Smartbox Classroom
131Smartbox Classroom
132Smartbox Classroom
133Smart Classroom - region free DVD player
134Smartbox Classroom
138Smartbox Classroom
140Smartbox Classroom
216Smartbox Classroom

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