Classroom Technology

"Smart" classrooms support an array of multimedia including computers, VCRs, laserdisc players, Elmo Visualizers, Navitar Slide to Video converters, and projection for notebooks. Most of the traditional classrooms are equipped with overhead projectors, TVs, and VCRs. Contact your TSP to find out who can best help you with your classroom technology needs.

Computer Labs

Geneseo offers exceptional facilities, from our state-of-the-art computing labs in South Hall to smaller specialized labs in most buildings on campus. Over 900 PC and Macintosh computers for student use can be found in more than fifty labs. Wireless notebook computer carts are also available for classroom use. Select computer labs may also be reserved for presentations or a class that requires the use of technology.

Geneseo's Internet Connection

This page offers more information about Geneseo's connection to the Internet.

Residential Network (ResNet)

ResNet is a common phrase used by many institutions to describe the network available to students that live in Residence Halls.

Virtual Computer Lab

A Virtual Computer Lab provides 24/7 access to campus-licensed software from anywhere with a network connection. Students, faculty and staff can connect to and access our Windows computer lab environment from a Windows or Macintosh computer. A VPN connection is required for connection from off campus. 

Wireless Network

The SUNY Geneseo wireless network is based on IEEE 802.11 technology, also called "WiFi."