CIT Special Services

CIT Special Services

35mm Slide Scanning

CIT will duplicate non-copyright protected 35mm slides for use in electronic presentations. We require a minimum of 48 hours per one hundred (100) slides to be duplicated. Digital images will be made available over the Geneseo network via a secure folder upon completion. It is the user's responsibility to retrieve these images. Instructions on how to do so will be provided upon request. Images will be available in JPEG format unless requested in another acceptable format. If you are interested in this service, please contact Joe Dolce at (585) 245-5577 or

Commencement Streaming

CIT "broadcasts" SUNY Geneseo's Commencement ceremonies on the Internet. We also feed the ceremonies live over campus cable. Archived copies of the ceremonies are available for sign-out on DVD at the Milne Library.

Electronic Class Rosters & Mailing Lists

In myCourses, mailing lists and rosters are automatically populated with each class.

Equipment Loan

We collaborate with the Library to have our equipment loaned out at their Service Desk in the main lobby.

Media/Audio/Video Services -- Email or add a ticket through the Service Desk to request any of the following services:

  • Digital Media Lab: CIT (in collaboration with the Library) has a digital media lab located on the main floor of the Library.

  • Media Duplication: CIT will duplicate non-copyright protected audio and videotapes for instructional purposes. The end user will be responsible for supplying a blank tape or their department will be charged $5.00 for a blank videocassette, or $2.00 for a blank audiocassette. For events which CIT has recorded, DVDs can be made available with case and printed cover for $10.00 each. Sorry, we do not accept media in exchange for these services.

    The staff of Instructional Technologies will not duplicate copyright protected materials without written notification from the copyright holder allowing such duplication. Proof of ownership of copyright protected materials does not constitute permission to duplicate.

  • Multimedia Authoring: The Instructional Technologies Authoring Lab is available for use by faculty and students for educational purposes. The lab is equipped with two Apple G5 towers running Mac OS X, mini-DV decks, and DVD/VCRs for editing purposes.The towers are equipped with iMovie as well as Final Cut Pro.The lab is available Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The staff of Instructional Technologies will assist users of the facility in the use of the equipment, give users a basic understanding of the editing process and assist in the completion of projects.

  • Post Production Services: The staff of Instructional Technologies will assist students or faculty with the editing of video to the best of their ability, provided the work is in conjunction with an in-progress class, independent study project, or other educational program. The staff of Instructional Technologies will also assist students using Newton's editing and recording facilities. The staff will assist in the use of the facilities by answering technical questions, repairing equipment failures, etc. The Instructional Technologies staff will not complete media production projects for students.

  • Recording Classroom: CIT maintains a Self Recording service in Newton 213. The room is equipped with a discreetly mounted video camera and microphone directed at the front of the room, as well as a DVD recording deck. Following the instructions provided in the room, any individual can record their presentation for future playback. Questions regarding the classrooms operation can be directed to CIT Instructional Technologies.

  • Video/Audio Web Streaming: CIT will assist you in getting your media on the web for streaming. CIT Instructional Technologies will prepare your video for web streaming. CIT Information Services will assist you in getting the information on your website. Please call ahead and make arrangements for this service.

  • Video Conferencing: Video conference rooms and assistance are available on campus.

  • Playback on Campus Cable: If you are interested in tape playback on campus cable, please contact a member of the Instructional Technologies staff by calling 245-5577. Please give at least 24 hours notice for the requested playback. Below are the policies for this service.

Special Event Support

Instructional Technologies will assist in on-campus educational events, and facilitating the media needs of guest speakers on campus as needed. Such events require no less than one full business day's notice. Events that may require special scheduling of staff or limited equipment require more notice. If you would like more information or would like to speak with someone about technology needs for a special event, please call the HelpDesk (x5588) and ask for Joe Dolce, or send email to

Technology Training CIT offers both individual and group training on numerous topics. We are happy to provide tailored training to both departments and classes. Please contact the CIT HelpDesk at 245-5588 and they will direct you to the appropriate person based on your training needs.

Test Scoring/Analysis and Optical Scanning

Our optical scanning and exam grading process is a quick and efficient means of obtaining test results and statistics. Faculty
administer the exam, fill out an answer key, have students fill out an answer sheet, and the rest is done by the optical scanner and a grading program. Results and statistics are emailed to the faculty member. To learn more about this service, call 245-5577.

Web Development

College offices, faculty, and recognized student organizations can utilize the campus web content management system, Drupal, to develop and maintain their web pages.   The CIT web development team supports the Drupal CMS and provides general consulting assistance to campus web masters.  Contact the web development team at 245-5577 or for assistance. Reference: Drupal User Guide.