Student Resources for Remote Learning

This guide is intended to help you become acquainted with some of the tools that may be used to provide remote instruction by your professors.

For support from our Educational Technology team, please visit CIT’s online service desk. We are also available via our new real-time chat. Submit a request at to get immediate assistance during business hours. We are primarily working remotely at this time, so we will be providing support virtually. 

Download this: TipsforStudents.pdf (420 KB)  

Review this: A Start of Semester Canvas Checklist for Students

More details for specific situations can be found below. 

Planning and Preparing for Remote Learning
  • Regularly check your Geneseo email and Canvas for communications from your instructors about changes or updates to your course.
  • Ensure your Canvas notifications are set to send you messages. How do I set my notifications preferences
  • Use the course code in the subject of your message to instructors (Canvas messages will do this automatically).
  • Test your computer for compatibility with the technologies being used prior to your first class session. For example, log into Canvas.
  • Check to see if there is a discussion forum in your class specifically dedicated to class logistics and subscribe to it.
  • Practice with any tools being used in the class before you need to use them.
  • Find a quiet space that is free of distraction for any live online class sessions.
  • Recognize the need to be flexible and patient with your instructor during this time of disruption.
Communicating with your Instructor

If your instructor has not specified a specific means by which to communicate with them, then two of the best ways to communicate with your instructor are shown below.

For individual correspondence use Canvas. How to use Inbox (Canvas email) as a student   For general questions, check to see if your instructor has set up a discussion forum for that purpose. 

How might my Instructor Communicate with me?

Your instructor may choose to send email directly to you or may use the Canvas Announcements feature. Check Announcements in your course frequently.

How can I work with the library?

Start here for assistance with Library Resources & Services for Online Classes

Participating in Live Lectures and Class Meetings

If your instructor is offering live, online, synchronous class sessions, they will be using a video conferencing tool. Instructors should be providing a link in their Canvas course to make it easier for you to find and join their class sessions. Alternatively, instructors may email you the link.

  • Make sure you have reliable network access - when learning from home, be sure that other family members are not using high-bandwidth applications (Netflix, gaming) while you are learning.
  • In the event of low bandwidth, forgo video in place of audio.
  • Light yourself from the front.
  • Be aware of what's behind you.
  • Use a good microphone (the headphones that come with your smartphone are a great option).
  • Stay muted while participating until you are ready to speak.
  • Close any applications that are not needed while you are learning.
  • If asked to provide your name - please use your full name so that your instructor can identify you in the virtual classroom.
Communication and Collaboration
Submitting an Assignment on Canvas
Feedback on your assignment
Quizzes & Exams

There are many options that your instructor might use for tests. Review the information carefully before starting the test! If you have problems during a test, contact your instructor immediately.

Quizzes on Canvas
Lockdown Browser / Monitor

Some quizzes and exams may require additional security with LockDown Browser. This application can be installed on students' personally owned laptops.

Make sure your laptop meets the Campus minimum configuration requirements and LockDown Browser System Requirements.

Install the LockDown browser using this link. If you need help installing software, please contact the CIT HelpDesk.

You must be on a robust network connection to take an exam in Canvas. Do not rely on public wifi in places such as airports, coffee houses, and hotels.

Guide: Student Instructions for LockDown Browser


You are expected to interact with your instructor and peers in a respectful and professional manner during on-campus class sessions.  You should also adhere to the following expectations when communicating in an online environment:


  • Ask questions and engage in conversations as often as possible.
  • Be patient and respectful of others and their ideas they post online.
  • Be prepared to wait for a response - you may not receive an immediate response.
  • Contact the instructor to report inappropriate or offensive communications.


  • Use inappropriate language—this includes, but is not limited to, the use of curse words and offensive terms.
  • Post inappropriate materials—this includes, but is not limited to, sharing nude, offensive, and graphic images.
  • Post in ALL CAPS, as this is perceived as shouting, and avoid abbreviations and informal language (ex. "C U L8R").
  • Send or respond to heated messages.
  • Send an email to the entire class, unless it requires a response from all classmates.
What if I have a question about accommodations?

The Geneseo Office of Accessibility Services will work with students individually as needed.

To report inaccessible course content, please complete this "Learning Barriers" Google Form using your school email address. Personnel from CIT and/or Accessibility Services will address the situation promptly.