Geneseo Virtual Computer Labs

Geneseo Virtual Computer Lab

What is the Virtual Computer Lab?

The virtual computer lab is a remote computer lab environment accessible from anywhere with an active internet connection. You can use your personal computer to access software that is available only on campus owned machines. Macintosh and Linux users may also connect to access software that is Windows only.

Where can I access The Virtual Computer Lab?

Access is available from any location with an active network connection. Response times will be largely dependent on connection speed so high speed internet access is highly recommended. Off campus users will need to connect to campus first via Virtual Private Networking.

What do I need to access the Virtual Computer Lab?

You can access the virtual labs from any computer with a Remote Desktop Connection client and Web browser. This is a free client that is built into Windows (Start Menu -> All Program -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection) and is available for Macintosh and Linux based computers.

How do I connect to a Virtual Lab Computer?

Use Internet Explorer on Windows, or Safari or Firefox on Mac OS to connect to You will be logged into the virtual lab computer automatically after you authenticate at the virtual lab web page.

Can I print from the Virtual Lab Computers?

Virtual Lab computers are configured to print to some printers in South Hall and Milne Library. Depending on your personal settings, printers set up on your computer can be shared as well.

How do I save files on Virtual Lab Computers?

Virtual lab computers have shortcuts on the desktop to your network file space. Additionally, you can connect your local harddrive and removable devices, like USB keys. Just make sure that they are plugged in before making your connection to the virtual lab machine.

What software is available on the virtual lab computers?

 Software on the virtual lab computers includes but is not limited to:

  • Maple
  • Mathematica
  • Matlab
  • Microsoft Office
  • Minitab
  • Spartan
  • SPSS



Remote Desktop Connection: Mac - Select Version 2.0

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