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The 108th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Communication Association (ECA)

Boston, MA, March 30 through April 3, 2017

The 7th Annual James C. McCroskey and Virginia P. Richmond Undergraduate Scholars Conference

(All full papers, blind-review competition)


Student Presenters (In alphabetical order)

Callista Fiegl

"Our Inherent Flaws:  The Harmful Stereotypes Western News Reporting Propagates About Muslims"

Nicole Heney

"Symbolic Resources of Support During the College Planning Process"

Olivia MacDonald

"African American Women's Hairstyles in Fashion Advertising"

Riagan K. McMahon

"Sports Cuties Sell:  The Impact Diet and Fitness-Oriented Advertising Has on Body Dissatisfaction and Anxiety Development Among Women"

Meghan Murphy

"The Reflection of Color:  The Cross-Cultural Use of Complexion-Altering Products"

Kristen Paterno

"Do You Suffer From Depression? Or Are You Just #depressed?" The Use and Misuse of the Hashtag in Providing a New Communicative Space for Depression"

Noah Andrew Jacob Pfeiffer

"Guns That Heal:  An Analysis of Individualistic Themes in Firearm Advertisements"

Corrine Shanahan - Top-Paper Winner

"Double-speak, Double-eat:  Misleading Food Advertisements and Their Influence on Obesity in America"

Megan Tomaszewski

"Losing It:  The Prevalence of Eating Disorder Paradigms in Food Advertising"

The following students co-authored the paper titled below with Dr. Meredith Marko Harrigan.

"Just Because Parents Work Full-time Doesn't Make Them Bad Parents:  An Investigation of the Work-Family Interface from the Perspective of Adult Children"

Breana Adelman

Marisa Gingello

Morgan Meaney

Seungji Yang

Angela M.Hosek

Mei Yi Choo