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Advising and Registration

How do I plan courses for the next semester?

In the navigation menu, click on "Academic Programs" and then "BA in Communication." This lists courses you need in order to fulfill graduation requirements for the Communication Major . It also will list courses required for your Track -- personal and professional communication, journalism/media, or intercultural.
Go to the Undergraduate Bulletin.
This lists all non-major related SUNY Geneseo graduation requirements.
Go to My Geneseo.
View your Online Transcript via Knightweb and your Degree Works Program Evaluation.
Go to KnightWeb Course Offerings.
Determine which courses are being offered for the coming semester.
Make several trial schedules which include the courses you need to meet the minimum number of credits you may be required to take in order to qualify for your scholarship or other financial aid.
Then contact your academic advisor to make an appointment to review your planned schedule and, if needed, obtain your alternate PIN.

What can I expect from my advisor?

Advisors are available throughout the semester, not just during registration time. Make an appointment to talk about the track that may interest you, specific courses, employment in your field or graduate studies. This information may be beneficial when you are exploring courses to take in the future.
Registration time is very busy. It is suggested that you get to know your advisor earlier in the semester, so they can target their suggestions directly to your needs. The advisor might not know all of the answers immediately but they will know where to locate the appropriate resources to assist you.

Pre-Grad Check

In your Junior Year after you have completed 80 credit hours, your advisor will have an official document which indicates what you need to complete in your degree program. Make an appointment to review it with the advisor. The unofficial version is on Web Capp.