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Graduation Records

Important Updates:

  • Spring 2021 Graduating Seniors: Your diploma cover will arrive separately from your diploma.  Degree conferral began June 1, 2021. All graduates showing 100% of degree requirements on DegreeWorks are conferred. Diplomas are mailed from our outside vendor and were sent USPS on July 28th. Please read the Degree Diploma section below for detailed timelines and processes.  For those with less than 100% complete degree audits please contact your academic advisor to determine if a waiver is required to complete requirement(s).

  • Fall 2021 Graduating Seniors: The Graduation Application will open again September 6 - October 8.

Congratulations Graduating Seniors!

On average there are approximately 1200 students applying to graduate each semester. Each one of you have unique individual experiences, backgrounds, and contexts, but there are many similarities, including the graduation process. The information on this page is intended to answer most of your questions about timelines and the graduation process. Don't miss out on any important information, read through each section and contact the Graduation Records Office (include G# in your correspondence) with specific questions not answered here.




Degree Diploma Information

IMPORTANT NOTE: Requirement percentage is calculated when credit requirements towards a major are earned. Meaning that DegreeWorks will not read 100% until final (earned) grades are submitted at the end of the semester. Credit percentage is indicative of credits applied toward the degree requirement, including those "in-progress" (IP).

Important Terms to Understand


  • "To walk" during graduation means to participate in the Geneseo Commencement Ceremony. The ceremony is a celebration of your success. It is not to be confused with the term "to graduate".
  • "To graduate" means you will have completed all requirements of your declared curriculum (major(s), minors, etc.) and earned a baccalaureate degree from the College at Geneseo.
  • Conferred means that a final degree audit is conducted and your transcript is finalized.
  •  Diploma- serves as proof of your undergraduate degree (i.e. Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts)
  • Transcript- serves as proof of completing your major requirements. (i.e. Communications, Biology, etc.) (Major(s), Minor(s), Concentration(s) will not appear on your printed diploma)
  • Requirement percentage-  In DegreeWorks, the Requirement percentage is calculated when credit requirements towards a major are earned. Meaning that DegreeWorks will not read 100% until final (earned) grades are submitted at the end of the semester.
  • Credit percentage- In DegreeWorks, the Credit Percentage is indicative of  credits applied toward the degree requirements, including those "in-progress" (IP).
Apply to Graduate


The Undergraduate Graduation Application is:

  1. Available in the "Student Records" section of your Knightweb account during open application periods. Students will be notified of open application periods, and available terms via campus email.
  2. Available to students who have 90 or more credits on their transcript (not on DegreeWorks). Credits will appear when earned. This means after all final grade submission processes are complete.
  3. Available to students who have NOT submitted an application previously.

NOTE: Any formal changes made to your major, minor, concentration, or degree will automatically update on your  previously submitted Graduation Application. There is no need to file a new application.

Diploma Application for Master's Degree (graduate students)

Questions regarding the application can be directed to the Graduation Office in the Academic Advising office, Erwin 106.

Not Graduating When Expected?

Whether you are graduating early or later than anticipated you need to formally change your graduation date. Email Graduation Records to request a change.

Instructions for Updating Your Home Email Address


1. Begin at, select "Login using G#/PIN"

2. Enter your G# (G00XXXXXX) and six digit PIN, and Login

3. Select "Personal Information"

4. Select "Update E-mail Address(es)"

5. Select "Home E-mail" and Submit

Type of Email



6. Enter you email address and Submit

Home Email





Drop/Add a Major

Requests for changes of major are handled electronically. Please fill out the Change of Major form. Once we receive your response, we will send it out for departmental approval.

Have a PDF version of the form filled out? You can also attach the PDF to the Google form and send it to us.

If you have any questions, please email

Degree Processing

Student degrees are processed at the end of the semester in which the Graduation Application is submitted. For example, if you submitted your Graduation Application in September, your degree is awarded in the Fall. Degree processing occurs after all campus wide end of semester processes have concluded. For example, if the semester ends in December, it will be January before degree conferral begins.

Degree conferral

Degree conferral is a time consuming manual process, meaning each student's degree is hand reviewed. Once the process of awarding each individual degree begins it will take 4-6 weeks to complete. You can check the status of your degree on your Academic Transcript, under Student Records in your KnightWeb account.  Once your degree is conferred, your transcript will clearly state Degree Awarded.

Printed Diplomas

Diplomas are printed by an off-campus vendor and sent (USPS) to the address on your Graduation Application within 90 days after conferral. Your major will not be printed on the diploma (effective December 2016) because your diploma is proof of your degree, not your major. Your degree will appear on your official transcript with your major, which is the most important proof of degree and major requirement completion.

If you need to make other arrangements to receive your diploma, for an example an address change, you must request it by notifying the Graduation Records Office in writing immediately.

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be further delays at the printer that SUNY Geneseo does not have control over.
Official Transcripts

Your transcript will always be your proof of completing your degree requirements. (The diploma serves as proof of the degree.) Your most timely course of action to obtaining degree proof is to request an official degree bearing transcript immediately. You can request an official transcript through the Registrar’s office. It is important to indicate that you want to “hold until you have been officially graduated. Otherwise, your transcript will be missing the essential information.  For more information about transcripts visit the Registrar’s FAQ webpage.


Who can Walk

All potential graduates from the spring and summer semesters and those who graduated from the previous fall and winter semesters are given the opportunity to attend the commencement ceremony; provided you:

  • You have not previously had your name listed in a Geneseo Commencement Program
  • You have not participated in an earlier Geneseo Commencement ceremony for the degree you are earning


Signing Up


Students must complete the Application for Graduation by April 1 to be eligible to receive tickets for their guests at the spring Commencement ceremony and to have your name included in the Commencement Program. Students must also indicate on their application if they wish to attend (or not attend) the Commencement ceremony so the College Bookstore and the Scheduling, Events and Conference Services can make the necessary arrangements.


Receiving Honors

Students who have earned the required GPA for Latin Honors and earned at least 45 credits at Geneseo by the start of the spring semester will receive an Honors Tassel at commencement. Please view the Commencement Website for policies related to graduation honors for undergraduate students.

Dear Seniors,

Congratulations, you deserve the pat on the back! We would enjoy praising each of you individually, but that would take critical time away from completing the graduation process. No news is good news. If you do noJob Well Donet hear from the Graduation Records Office about your conferral, please accept our best wishes for a rewarding and successful future!


Are you still unsure what your future looks like, or are you trying to get your foot in the door with your dream company? Career Development is committed to offering a comprehensive array of programs and services to support students and alumni in reaching their career goals.


We sincerely want to hear about your successes. So please pay it forward by sharing your learning experiences with those following in your footsteps. Stay in touch through Alumni Relations or stay connected with your favorite professor to say, " I did need to know that!"


Again, congratulations and best wishes for a bright future.


Kind regards,

Michelle Margeson, Graduation Records Officer





Teacher Certification Candidates (School of Education and Adol. Educ.)

Required Information for Recommendation


Once you have completed your certification application through TEACH, you must  submit your application information, along with a $10 processing fee.

The one-time, $10.00, fee covers the processing of Recommendations to the NYSED system and is separate from the $50 fee paid to NYSED to complete each certification. Please submit your payment and TEACH documentation online.

The application information can be found by returning to TEACH Home and selecting Account Information under the Inquiry Links heading. This will bring up a menu box, where you should select Certificates and then Go. Print the screen from your browser (How-to) and submit using the online form. Please include your G# and graduation term (i.e. May 2020).

Your recommendation will not be processed without receipt of the application information and processing fee. 


Required TEACH information #1 includes the section titled Person Information. This section lists applicants personal identifiers which is important to ensure Recommendations are issued to the correct applicant.

Review of personal information graphic


Required TEACH information #2 includes the section titled Applications. This section is a listing of each credential completed. This information is necessary to issue Recommendations for each certification requested.

Credentials detailed graphic


Early Commencement Participation

Students who are in a teacher certification program and wish to participate in May Commencement ceremonies, due to fulling student teaching requirements, are eligible to complete an exception form seeking approval.  The form is not available until after the spring semester begins, and you must first apply to graduate in December (which will also be available by the beginning of the spring semester). Contact your Academic Advisor or the the School of Education Department Secretary to obtain the Commencement Participation Exception Request form.

Students graduating in December can participate in May Commencement ceremonies.  Apply to graduate  in December and answer 'Yes' to the question asking if you wish to participate in Commencement Ceremonies.


Recommendation cannot be submitted until after your individual degree is conferred.  We also cannot submit our Recommendation unless we have your TEACH certification application information and processing fee on file.

Your transcript will always be your proof of completing your degree requirements. If you require completion verification, before your degree conferral, your most timely course of action is to request an official degree bearing transcript without delay. You can request an official transcript through the Registrar’s office. It is important to indicate that you want to “hold for degree. Otherwise, your transcript will be missing the essential information you need for verification. For more information about transcripts visit the Registrar’s FAQ webpage. Students with urgent transcript requests are conferred as soon as grading and all end of semester processes are complete.

If NYSED certification completion is necessary before your degree is conferred, you can obtain completed certification evidence on TEACH to provide to your employer.


Have more Questions?

For more specific inquiries please email the Graduation Records Office.


Phone: (585) 245-5541 or (585) 245-5543




Mailing Address

Office of Academic Planning and Advising
1 College Circle, Erwin Hall 106
Geneseo, NY 14454