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2020-21 Academic Year Pass-Fail Policy

This policy was amended on December 9, 2020 to permit pass/fail (P/F) grading for any course.  These updates are acknowledged in brackets, below.

Due to late changes in this policy, you will not see courses properly arranged in Degree Works immediately.  Re-coding and waivers should be completed by the end of January 2021.

To elect PASS/FAIL grading or revert to "Normal" grading go to

All requests are subject to approval.  DEADLINE: December 14, 2020.  Please note: this deadline is for Fall 2020 courses only.  It is too late to request Pass-Fail grading for courses taken in previous semesters.

For the 2020-21 academic year, this policy supersedes the Undergraduate Bulletin.  The College Senate will determine if this 2020-21 modification should become a permanent change.  Summary of changes:

  1. Students have until the 14th week of the semester to elect P/F grading for a course.  This is prior to the submission of grades; you will not be able to change your grading mode after faculty have submitted grades.
  2. You may elect P/F grading for any course. [12/9/2020 update]
  3. If you take a general education course P/F, you must earn a C- or better to count the course for general education credit.  If you earn a "D," you must use "normal grading" to use the course for General Education credit.

Here's the policy:
During the course of their undergraduate programs, students may elect a pass-fail option for no more than a total of four courses.*

Any course may be taken Pass/Fail during the 2020-21 academic year.  [Amended 12-9-2020]
Students may choose the pass-fail option from the first day of the semester until the posted deadline listed on the Academic Calendar (in the fourteenth week of the semester).

Students must complete and submit the appropriate form to the Dean of Academic Planning and Advising via the link above. Students will be advised by the Dean for Academic Planning and Advising if the decision to elect pass-fail grading will affect their progress towards degree. Students who elect the pass-fail option must do all of the regular work of the course.

To receive a grade of P, a minimum grade of C- must be earned in the course. 
D and E grades are translated as F’s. The final grades of P (pass) and F (fail) do not earn quality points, and thus are not computed in determining grade point averages. Students should note that they must carry 12 or more credits in courses earning quality points in order to be eligible for semester honors.

* Courses elected as pass/fail during spring  2020 were exempted from this limit.