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Geneseo Points of Support

The Geneseo Points of Support (GPS) program helps students address critical problems by providing them with guides who assist with navigating unfamiliar institutional processes. It’s especially geared toward students who lack experience or support in understanding how colleges and college offices work. 

Students often hide problems like family crises, financial issues, or social concerns because they are unaware of college services that can assist them. A GPS Guide is a volunteer from the Geneseo campus community who can provide a student with short-term mentoring, help them navigate the system, and stick with them until their problem is resolved.  

Examples of student problems appropriate for the GPS program:

  • struggles paying for college or understanding payment options
  • connecting with faculty if a student has multiple exams on one day
  • re-connecting to classes after being away for medical or family crises
  • communicating with residence life, dining services, health and counseling services, or university police
  • organizing documents to apply for academic accommodations
  • thinking about taking a leave of absence   

GPS Guides can help students to:

  • articulate their needs
  • develop problem-solving skills
  • talk to the right people in the right offices
  • stay committed to finding a solution

Refer a student to the GPS program

Learn more about the program or register to become a GPS Guide