If you're registering for your final semester at Geneseo, it's time to make certain that you have completed your graduation requirements as planned. An error or oversight, even an innocent one, can delay graduation and add extra time and expense to the completion of your degree.

You can avoid these problems by taking a few minutes to review what you have completed and what you have left to do, and by considering the most common mistakes made by graduating seniors.

The Three-Step Home Stretch Grad Check

1. Obtain an unofficial copy of your Degree Evaluation (WebCAPP) which available on KnightWeb. You may also find it helpful to consult the official pre-graduation check that you and your advisor should have completed in your junior year. (Contact your advisor or the Graduate Records Office if you need another copy.)

2. Compare your unofficial transcript, together with your current schedule of courses-in-progress, to the graduation requirements outline below. (The requirements can also be found in the online
Undergraduate Bulletin).

3. If you spot a discrepancy, contact the Dean's Office, Erwin Hall 106, 245-5541. You may be eligible to drop or add courses before the beginning of the official drop/add period of your final semester.

Geneseo Graduation Requirements

Contact the Dean's Office right away if you have questions.

To receive a baccalaureate degreee from SUNY Geneseo, you must:

1. Complete a minimum of 120 credit hours.

Note: No more than 60 hours may be transferred from two-year institutions; some restrictions apply on health/phys. ed. courses. (See the Undergraduate Bulletin for details.)

Note: Repeated D courses or "illegal repeats"--courses you repeated in violation of the repeat course policy--could add hours to your 120 minimum.

2. Attain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA at Geneseo.

Note: Grades from other institutions, including overseas studies, do not count toward your Geneseo GPA.

3. Attain at least a 2.0 GPA in each of the following:

  • all courses taken in your major department,
  • all courses listed as co-requisites for the major,
  • (Education majors only): all courses required for education certification and all courses taken for concentration.

4. Complete all requirements of the major, including the Departmental Writing Requirement. (Consult individual major descriptions and your department faculty advisor.)

5. Complete the General Education requirements

A. Two courses (outside of your major with different departmental prefixes) in each of the following:

  • N/Natural Science
  • F/Fine Arts
  • S/Social Science


  • H/Humanities (HUMN 220, 221)
  • INTD 105--Critical Writing and Reading

Note: You must obtain a passing grade (D or better) in each course used to fulfill the General Education. Courses taken to fulfill the General Education curriculum may not be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.

Note: Changing your major may well affect the applicability of courses toward the common core. A shift from English to Sociology, for example, will mean that you can no longer count SOCL 100 toward the Social Science core requirement.

Note: It is a common error to take two courses in the same General Education area (e.g., Natural Science) with the same departmental prefix (e.g., Biology).

C. Complete one course in each of the following:Complete these Additional General Education Requirements:
  • Non-Western Traditions Requirement (M/)
  • Numeric and Symbolic Reasoning Requirement (R/)
  • U.S. History Requirement (U/)

Note: M/ and R/ courses may do double duty by also fulfilling major, minor, concentration or General Education area requirements. For example, a course labelled both S/ and M/ may be used to fulfill both the Social Science General Education requirement and the Non-Western requirement.)
D. Foreign Language Requirement
Note: The Foreign Language Requirement is fulfilled through successful completion of a foreign language at the 201 level or its equivalent.
6. Complete at least 45 hours of coursework at or above the 200 level.
7. Complete the required minimum number of credit hours outside the major department.
Note: For most majors this number is 69, but for some majors and professional programs the number is 60. See Undergraduate Bulletin for details.
Note: Students and advisors commonly overlook this requirement.

8. Complete at least 30 hours, including the final 12 hours, in residence at Geneseo.