Welcome to KOALA. We are excited to support you with academic course work.  For additional information on what Koala offers, please view our infographic. Send us an email at KOALA

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I get on to Canvas?

Go to my.geneseo.edu and click on the Canvas icon. Enter your Geneseo user id and password. Your courses should be listed. If the course has not yet begun in will be listed as a future enrollment.

How do I contact my Professor?

Go to the campus directory: https://www.geneseo.edu/directory . Once there enter in your professor’s name and their contact information will be available.

How do I access my Geneseo email and Canvas Account?  What if my userid or password do not work? 

If you have not yet started using your Geneseo ID, review this information: https://go.geneseo.edu/claimhelp  

If you are having trouble with your Geneseo account, contact CIT via the following link:  https://jira.geneseo.edu/servicedesk/customer/portal/2

How do I contact my professor?

Go to the campus directory: https://www.geneseo.edu/directory . Once there enter in your professor’s name and their contact information will be available. 

How do I sign up for tutoring?

First, determine what type of tutoring you need.  General tutoring information for multiple departments is listed here:


If you need math assistance it can be accessed here:


If you need writing tutoring it can be accessed here:


If you are an AOP Student tutoring can be accessed here: https://www.geneseo.edu/aop/tutoring-and-academic-support/tutoring-services

If you need tutoring for Biology courses the information is listed here:


If you need tutoring for languages the information is listed here:


If you need evening support on multiple subjects, you can access STARNY here:

https://www.starny.org/tutoring_scheduleHow will I know when my class meets? How will I know when my class meets? 

How will I know when my class meets?

Check your syllabus and course information on Canvas or email your professor.

I just feel overwhelmed and am not sure how to start?

Contact KOALA --You can schedule an appointment via the link in the upper right hand column. Prior to scheduling your appointment, please complete the pre-appointment questionnaire.  You can also attend office hours from 7pm until 9pm Monday through Thursday by making an appointment. 

How much time should I spend on my online course?

It depends on the course, but we recommend you log into your course a minimum of 5 days per week. You should expect to spend 3 to 4 hours per week per course; however, some courses may require additional time. Review your syllabus and make sure you are posting assignments and contributing to discussions per your syllabus. If you have questions about requirements contact your professor. 

How can I be successful in online and hybrid courses?

Selected Online Success Strategies: Tips for Success in Online Learning

(1) Create a Structured Learning Environment

  • Create a psychological time and place for your online coursework
  • Adhere to a consistent schedule for class attendance and assignments
  • Set up a quiet area in home to “go to class”
  • Have food/drink available for breaks

(2) Plan Ahead to Achieve your Learning Goals

  • Log on daily
  • Coordinate online and off-line work
  • Anticipate and plan for technical problems
  • Use automated calendaring for important course assignments, events, and tasks

(3) Develop Efficient Study Habits

  • Take notes, outline, highlight, and underline where possible
  • Print out, sort and mark up discussions, course materials, readings, and assignments
  • Compose and edit discussion posts off-line

(4) Seek Help When You Need It!

  • Clarify instructor expectations on assignments
  • Regularly check your progress and seek feedback from peers and instructors
  • Collaborate with others on assignments
  • Access technical help promptly

(5) Self-Monitoring

  • Back up discussion posts in multiple ways
  • Monitor reading and writing for online discussions
  • Frequently check the online grade book
  • Take extra precautions in monitoring the technical aspects of assignment submission (e.g., after submitting a post, check to see if it was successfully uploaded in the correct location)

(6) Self-Reflection

  • Use assignment checklists/rubrics to judge your own performance in assignments
  • Use self-reflection strategies such as peer feedback to assess your progress
  • Use an audience of peers to shape your discussion postings


I don't have access to a computer, who can I contact?

Contact KOALA and we will connect you with resources. 

My wifi isn't working well, what should I do? 

You can visit the CIT wiki here: https://wiki.geneseo.edu/display/cit/Suggestions+for+Poor+Wi-Fi+Service

If you are still having issues or have questions about equipment contact KOALA!


I am struggling financially due to Covid-19. What should I do ?

You may want to consider applying for financial assistance through the One Knight Fund. Information on the One Knight Fund can be found here: One Knight Fund information and application