SUNY Geneseo LabOratory Fees for Science Labs:

Effective Fall 2013, there will be an additional laboratory fee charged for lab sections in which use extensive use of consumables.  Below is a list of sections along with the fee amounts:

BIOL 116:General Biology Lab         $11.00            CHEM 105:Chemistry and Society Lab         $24.00
BIOL 208:Anatomy Lab $11.00 CHEM 119:Introductory Chemistry Lab $24.00
BIOL 215:Plant Diversity $11.00 CHEM 209:Intermediate Chemistry Lab $34.00
BIOL 216:Second Year Laboratory $11.00 CHEM 216:Organic Chemistry Lab $34.00
BIOL 223:Genetics Lab $11.00 CHEM 301:Biochemistry Lab $44.00
BIOL 241:Microbiology $21.00 CHEM 313:Advanced Organic Lab $34.00
BIOL 242:Biology of Invertebrates $21.00    CHEM 331:Inorganic Chemistry Lab $34.00
BIOL 264:Human Physiology $11.00 CHEM 342:Modern Analytical Chemistry Lab $34.00
BIOL 301:Cell Biology Lab $21.00 CHEM 361:Modern Lab $34.00
BIOL 330:Immunology $11.00     
BIOL 339:Animal Behavior Lab $11.00     
BIOL 345:Biology of Insects $11.00     
BIOL 354:Developmental Biology $11.00     
BIOL 361:Plant Physiology $11.00     
BIOL 364:Animal Physiology $11.00     
BIOL 390:Molecular Techniques $31.00     
BIOL 391:Electron Microscopy $11.00     
BIOL 392:Genome Analysis $31.00     
BIOL 394:Neurobiological Techniques $21.00     

Please contact the Office of the Dean at 5541 if you have further questions or concerns.