Students Exploring Majors

Some call it majoring in "Undeclared."

We like to say, "SEM" -- like "seminar." In a "seminar" you focus very closely on a single topic, such as understanding your interests, goals, and values. We encourage you to take a SEMinar approach to deciding on a major.

If you haven't chosen what you want to study yet, or if you are considering a change, you are in good company. At Geneseo, "SEM" or "Undeclared" is one of the most popular in-coming majors.

But there are lots of resources to help you in your SEMinar. Many students start with EXPL 101 -- the Geneseo First-Year Seminar, created especially for students looking at their academic options.


Emmeline the Bear asking, "What's a SEM"?

As a SEM student you will talk about course registration with your assigned faculty advisor (your advisor will change once you declare a major). You can also schedule an appointment with any of the advisors in the office of the Dean of Academic Planning & Advising (Erwin 106).

Please put the  Career Design Center (Erwin 116) at the top of your to-do list. Make it a point to visit the Career Design Center and/or try out some major exploration tools in your first semester.

Fall 2021 News and Opportunities

  • Optional group advising sessions for "Undeclared Students" -- before you meet with your faculty advisor. Prepare for your registration appointment. Think about spring 2022 courses. All are welcome.
    • Tuesday October 19, 7-8:00pm, Newton 204
    • Wednesday October 20, 7-8:00pm, Newton 204
  • Career Exploration GOLD workshop
    • Wednesday, October 27 at 2:30 p.m.
  • FOCUS 2 debrief with a career advisor

Video stories, exploring majors:

Stella's Story

Can I get a job if I major in . . . ?

Yes, you can! Here's a place to start to find out what opportunities are available to students with degrees in all areas of the curriculum. Remember, whether you major in Geography, English, Art History, etc., you develop skills in analysis, writing, organization, and project management. You just need to let people know what you are capable of doing. Geneseo wants to help you tell your story to potential employers, so work with Advising and the Career Design Center from the start of your academic career.

Dean's Welcome Letter To Students Exploring Majors