General Information

Whether you are a first-year, new transfer, or continuing student, to receive transfer credits you must request an official transcript from the transfer institution after final grades at that institution have been posted. Continuing students should arrange for transcripts be sent to the SUNY Geneseo Records Office, Erwin 102. Applicants to Geneseo should arrange for transcripts to be sent to the Admissions Office, Doty 200.

You may transfer up to 90 semester hours to Geneseo; of these, up to 60 hours may come from a two-year college. You must earn at least a C- in any course that you wish to transfer. While course credits transfer to Geneseo, grades and quality points do not transfer.

Tables listing credits and course equivalents for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Exams can be found by scrolling down this page.

Procedure for Obtaining Transfer Credits

Incoming Transfer Students

  • If you are applying to Geneseo for admission as a transfer student, you must contact the Office of Admissions for a transfer credit evaluation.
  • After admission, you should consult the Office of the Dean of the College (Erwin 106) to discuss issues relating to transfer equivalents.

Continuing Students

  • If you are a continuing student at Geneseo, it is your responsibility to initiate transfers of credit. The Dean's Office can help you with this process.
  • If you wish to take courses at another college and transfer the credit to Geneseo, you must fill out a "Pre-approval for Transfer Credit" form (available from the Dean's Office) before enrolling in these courses. This form serves as an agreement between you and SUNY Geneseo regarding the transfer status of coursework completed at other institutions.
  • Courses required for a major or minor must be approved by the Chair of the relevant department before you enroll. To help the Chair assess the equivalency of courses, you should provide him or her with a catalog description of any course you would like to transfer. When the Chair has signed the "Pre-approval for Transfer Credit" form, submit it it to the Dean's Office. Courses that you will apply toward Geneseo's Common Core, or that you will count as free electives, do not require approval from the Chair of your major or minor department.
  • Because grades do not transfer with course credit, it is not possible to replace a grade earned on the Geneseo campus with a grade earned in an equivalent course taken elsewhere.


Credits and Course Equivalents for Advanced Placement Exams

For students with Catalog Years 2015-16 or earlier: 

Please contact the Office of the Dean for information about AP credits

For students who will be starting at Geneseo Fall 2016 or later:

Complete listing of Geneseo credit awarded for AP Scores of 3, 4, and 5


Credits and Course Equivalents for International Baccalaureate Credits

  • Geneseo will accept a maximum of 30 credits from IB scores alone or in combination with AP scores and other college-level work done in a high school classroom.
  • Geneseo will give credit for specific courses only if there is a Higher Level score of 5 or higher. Exceptions to this are listed below.
  • Geneseo will give 6 hours of elective credit for a Higher Level score of 4, unless noted below.
  • Geneseo will give 3 hours of elective credit for a Standard Level Score of 4 or higher.

Complete listing of Geneseo credit awarded for International Baccalureate credits


Credits and Course Equivalents for CLEP

Complete listing of Geneseo credit awarded for CLEP credits