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Movers and Storage Units

Here is a listing of local vendors who may be contacted. We make no recommendations; you will work directly with the vendor. Some vendors can ship, provide storage, or move items to a designated storage unit. You can discuss allowing a vendor into your apartment, room, or house with your landlord or housing manager. Services will be contracted directly through you. Storage units are somewhat local. We make no recommendations. You make arrangements directly with the storage facility.

Possible Movers:
White Gloves Moving:585-448-4519
Becker Movers: 585-458-5480
Sheridan Brothers Moving: 585-254-9000
Peace of Mind Movers NY: 585-721-0857

Possible Storage Units:
Geneseo Mini-Storage: 585-243-9240
Geneseo-York Mini-Storage: 585-820-2184
Staley Storage: 585-243-5452
Five Arch Storage: 585-226-6042
Dansville Mini-Storage: 585-335-2777