Creating a Slideshow

  1. Open the page for editing and click the "Create Slideshow" button in the toolbar.
    Body Summary Box
  2. Click the Browse Server button to select a photo.
    Browse Server
  3. Follow the directions from "Adding Images and Files to a Webpage" to upload photos to the server.
  4. Once uploaded, double-click on the desired image. Click the "Add Image" button.
  5. Use the "Description" textbox if you would like to have captions under your photos in your slideshow. Repeat steps 2-5 for however many photos you would like to have in the slideshow.
    URL and Image Box
  6. Once you are finished, click "OK", and save the page to finish.
    Note: You will not see the slideshow until you save the entire page. Until you save, you will see a placeholder:
    Finished Slideshow