Duplicating Center Tips & Suggestions

Turn-Around Time

The Duplicating Center staff pride themselves on having a better than 24-hour turn-around time for the majority of jobs submitted.  However, they are unable to offer “while you wait” service at this time.  Arrangements to expedite emergency orders can be easily made with Duplicating staff on an as needed basis, but please be sure to call ahead to advise them about your situation before submitting the job.

Identify Date Needed

Please be sure to provide a specific (and realistic) deadline by which you need your order completed, including the time of day for pick up, if that information is critical.  This will allow the Duplicating staff to prioritize all incoming jobs according to need, and allow them to continue to give each and every customer the prompt service they have come to expect from the Duplicating Center.

Campus Account Number Needed

Duplicating Center orders should be submitted on a Duplicating Center Requisition form with a valid campus account number specified.   Duplicating will accept job submissions from Geneseo faculty and staff emailed to printing@geneseo.edu, however, such requests must contain all of the information needed to process the order, including the appropriate campus account number to be charged. Please be advised that Duplicating staff are not authorized to assign departmental account numbers or accept departmental print jobs submitted by student employees that are not accompanied by a Duplicating Requisition approved by the appropriate departmental chairperson or secretary.

Pick Up by Student Employees

Often, student employees are asked to pick up departmental orders. When assigning this task to students, please be sure to give them the specifics of the job, such as the document name and/or name of person submitting, to eliminate any confusion and/or delays at the time of pick up.

Customer Approval on Complex Jobs

For all complex orders, and those designed in-house by Duplicating staff, the Duplicating Center will provide a final proof for customer approval before starting production.   This is done to ensure customers get exactly what they anticipated.

Personal Orders

Please remember that faculty, staff and students may use the Duplicating Center’s services for personal jobs as well as professional.