Raffle Winners from Wellness Fair, Fall 2017

Prizes Submitted by Vendors:

Walmart Gift Card (Compeer of Livingston County) – Ken Ball
Barnes & Noble Gift Card (Community Hearing Services) – Brian Wood
Bike (CAS) – Andrew Herman
Costco Membership (Costco) – Jean Love
Generous Bag of Goodies (Livingston Eye Care) – Joyce Miller
Voya Bag (Voya Financial)– Antoinette Lubich-Claps
Water Bottle (RPCN Livingston Community Health, Dental Care) – Gail Glover, Steve Johnson
Overnight Bag (RSVP of Livingston County/Lifespan) – Del Brown
Flower Arrangement (Genesee Valley Florist) – Cheryl McCarty
GFR Certificate (Geneseo Family Restaurant) – Karen Rockhill, Jim Williams
GF Market Certificate (Geneseo Famers Market) – Joan Cottone, Ahmad Almonani


EAP Raffle Prizes:

Roadside Assistant Kit - Michelle Feeley, Elizabeth Hall, Michelle Costello, Melissa Tracy
First Aid Kit – Kimberly Willis, Caroline Haddad, Cynthia Klima, Valerir Panfil
Volleyball – Cindy White, Laurie Fox
Soccer Ball – David Dussault, Anna Grace Kelly
Football – Laura Swanson, LeeAnne Bacon
Basketball – Micki Bonadonna, Craig Moscicki
Fitbit – Alisa Nelson Dinovo, Jessica Fisher
ElectronicBlood Pressure Cuff – Deb Hildebrand, Dave Norton, Terry Peck, Susan Romano
Electronic Thermometer – Deanna Flint, Beth Fitzpatrick