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Spring 2023 Course Offerings

HONR 202 (section 1): Course Title and Description (TBD)

HONR 202 (section 2): Course Title and Description (TBD)

S/HONR 203: Honors Seminar in the Social Sciences: Superheroes

Professor Steven Kirsh (Psychology Department)

Course Description

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is replete with heroes and villains who lived through similar and often traumatic circumstances but ultimately made different choices. Students in this course will use social science theory and research to evaluate the psychological characteristics, social interactions, and environmental conditions that foster the creation of superheroes and supervillains. Moreover, students will assess the accuracy of social science concepts depicted in the MCU. Finally, this course will focus on the reasons for and importance of Cosplay to fandom. In support of these endeavors, students will read research/commentary from anthropological, psychological, and sociological disciplines. For each class period, students will evaluate a social science article and view a media offering from the MCU.

*Note: the course requires a Disney+ membership ($7.99/month). There will be no textbook.

N/ HONR 205/HONR 215: Honors Seminar in the Natural Sciences: Astrobiology*

Professors Anne Pellerin and Elizabeth Hutchison (Astronomy and Physics Department and Biology Department)

Course Description

The course will explore the conditions and possibilities of life in the Universe. It will describe what we understand of life on Earth, what makes an organism alive, how life may have started and the environmental conditions under which life is possible on Earth. Then we will explore astronomical locations where life could potentially exist inside our Solar System and beyond. Then we will discuss ways we could find out if/where life exists in the Universe. *This course must be taken with the lab component (HONR 215 or ASTR111 associated with ASTR110--TBD).