List Serve Moderator Information

In an emergency, it may be useful to put out information via e-mail using the following list-serves:

  • allstaff-L
  • allstudents-L
  • geneseo911-L

All messages will need to be reviewed by the moderator responsible for the specific list-serve prior to being sent out. Moderators for the list-serves are as follows:


  1. Julie Briggs x5616
  2. Stacy Colt x5616
  3. Tony Hoppa x5516
  4. Becky Glass x5501
  5. Victoria Phipps x5616


  1. Lenny Sancillio x5706
  2. Tony Hoppa x5516
  3. Becky Glass x5501


  1. Sal Simonetti x5651
  2. Scott Kenney x5651
  3. Joe VanRemmen x5651
  4. Becky Glass x5501
  5. Yvonne Krempasky x5651
  6. Tony Hoppa x5516
  7. Mike Bovee x5651
  8. Chris Parfitt x5651
  9. Matt Austin x5651
  10. Lenny Sancilio x5706
  11. George Stooks x5663
  12. David Irwin x5516
  13. Chuck Reyes x5661
  14. Melinda DuBois x5736
  15. Sue Chichester x5577