Advisement for English majors

An important requirement of the English major is self-reflective advisement. To ensure that you get the most out of the English major, we ask that you go into it with some ideas about where you'd like it to take you, leave it with some sense of where you've been, and share your thoughts along the way with your faculty advisor.

If you're an English major who enrolled at SUNY Geneseo in fall 2014 or later, keeping an advisement journal — and sharing it with your adviser — is a requirement you must fulfill in order to receive your degree.

We've designed the requirement to make it as simple and useful as possible. To get started, go to the English Department Advisement space of the Geneseo wiki. (You'll need to log in to the wiki with your Geneseo username and password.) Follow the easy, three-step directions there to create your advisement journal and start adding your reflections.