Minor in Film Studies

The Film Studies minor provides students with substantial interdisciplinary study of the history, aesthetics, and culture of film. Students will acquire a critical vocabulary for analyzing the art of film and a technical vocabulary for discussing the craft of filmmaking. They will also learn about film history and the development of its many genres and movements. Courses are mostly designated under English or Film Studies, but may be taken with appropriate subtitles from other departments. The interdisciplinary approach brings diverse perspectives to the analysis of film and its role in our culture. Although the film studies minor is intended only to support a chosen major field of study, students may elect to explore possible graduate study in film studies or careers in filmmaking and its related fields.

Alice Rutkowski, Coordinator (rutkowsk@geneseo.edu)

Total credits required to complete minor: 20
Basic requirements - 4 credits

Requirement Credits
FMST 100 F/Introduction to Film Studies 4


Electives - 16 credits

Four to five courses from the options below. Some courses may be taken twice under different subtitles.

Course Credits
FMST 270 Video Production 4
FMST 409 Film Theory and Criticism 4
BKST 288: Black Cinema 4
COMM 251: Mass Media and Society 3
COMM 267: Television Production 4
COMM 160: Intro to Mass Communication 3
FMST 310 Screenwriting 4
FMST 369 Connections in Film: (Subtitle) 4
FMST 459 Film Authors: (Subtitle) 4
FMST 499 Directed Study 4
ENGL 329 American Visions: (subtitle)
With subtitles such as The Film Hero or American Avant-Garde Film
ENGL 360 Post-Colonial Literature: (subtitle)
With subtitles such as Hong Kong Action Film


  • 3-credit courses transferred from other institutions may fulfill certain requirements above, but all students must complete a minimum of 20 credits.
  • A grade of C- or above is required in any course applied to the program.