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Backboard Jungle  Richard Brooks  VHS
Bad Day At Black Rock John Sturges VHS
Ball of Fire Howard Hanks VHS
Bamboozled Spike Lee DVD
Bananas Woody Allen VHS 
Band Wagon, The Vincente Minnelli  VHS
Barbed Wire David Hogan  VHS
Barry Lyndon Stanley Kubrick (1975) DVD
Bartleby Jonathan Parker  DVD
Bartleby Maurice Ronet  VHS
Batman Tim Burton VHS 
Batman Forever  Joel Schumacher  VHS 
Battle of Algiers, The Gillo Pontecorvo (Criterion Collection)  VHS
Battle of Algiers, The  Gillo Pontecorvo DVD
Battleship Potemkin Sergei Eisenstein DVD
Battleship Potemkin Sergei Eisenstein VHS
Beat the Devil  John Huston VHS 
Beautiful Mind, A Ron Howard  VHS
Beautiful Mind, A  Ron Howard DVD
Beauty and the Beast Jean Cocteau  VHS
Beauty and the Beast  Disney VHS 
Becket Peter Glenville  VHS
Becket on Film Various (collection of 19 films) DVD
Being John Malkovich Spike Jonze  VHS
Ben-Hur  William Wyler  VHS
Benny and Joon  Jeremiah S. Chechik  DVD
Bernice Johnson Reagon and African-American Music   DVD
Best of Groucho, The  Robert Dawn VHS 
Best Years of Our Lives, The  William Wyler  VHS 
Better Luck Tomorrow Justin Lin  DVD
Better Tomorrow, A John Woo DVD
Big Fish Tim Burton  DVD
Big Sleep, The Howard Hanks VHS
Billy Liar  John Schesinger  VHS 
Birdcage, The   Mike Nicholas  VHS 
Birds, The Alfred Hitchock DVD
Birth of a Nation D.W. Griffith  VHS
Birth of a Nation (2 tapes) D.W. Griffith  VHS
Black Beauty  Caroline Thompson  VHS 
Black Robe Bruce Beresford (1991) DVD
Black Theatre: A Making of a Movement Woody King Jr. VHS
Black Widow  Bob Rafelson  VHS
Blade Stephen Norrington  VHS
Blade Runner Ridley Scott  VHS
Blade Runner  Ridley Scott DVD
Blake, William David Thomas VHS
Blazzing Saddles  Mel Brooks  VHS 
Blood in the Face First Run Features VHS
Bloody Sunday Paul Greengrass DVD
Blow Out   Brian DePalma  VHS 
Blow Up  Michelangelo Antonioni  VHS 
Blue Dahlia  George Marshall  VHS 
Blue Double  Brian DePalma  VHS 
Blue Velvet David Lynch (1986) DVD
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice  Paul Mazursky  VHS
Bob Dylan Don't Look Back D.A. Pennebaker DVD
Body Heat Lawrence Kasdan DVD
Bojangles  Joseph Sargent DVD
Boogie Nights P.T. Anderson DVD
Boston Strangler, The  Richard Fleischer DVD
Bostonians, The James Ivory DVD
Bowling for Columbine   Michael Moore DVD
Boys Don't Cry  Kimberly Peirce  VHS
Boyz N The Hood John Singleton DVD
Brandon Teena Story, The  Susan Muska/Greta Olafdottir DVD
Brave Heart  Mel Gibson  VHS 
Breaker Morant  Bruce Benessurd VHS 
Breakfast at Tiffany's   Blake Edwards  VHS 
Brecht: "A Man's A Man" Eric Bentley VHS
Brides of Dracula  Terence Fisher  VHS
Bride of Frankenstein  James Whale VHS 
Bridge on the River Kwai, The   David Lead VHS 
Broadway: The American Musical    DVD
Broadway's Lost Treasures Volume 1    DVD
Broadway's Lost Treasures Volume 2   DVD
Brokeback Mountain Ang Lee DVD
Bruce Lee Ultimate Collection Varioius DVD
Bruce Takes the Dragon  Robert Clouse  VHS 
Bull Durham   Ron Shelton  VHS 
Bulletproof Monk  Paul Hunter DVD
Bullets over Broadway   Woody Allen   VHS 
Bulworth Warren Beatty VHS
Burn   Gillo Pontecorro  VHS 
Butch Cassidy  George Roy Hill  VHS
Butcher, The (Le Boucher) Claude Chabrol's DVD
By Brakhage: an anthology Stan Brakhage DVD