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Cabaret Bob Fosse VHS
Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Robert Wiene DVD
Cain Mutiny, The   Edward Dmytyk VHS
Call It Murder  Chester Erskine 


Cape Fear  J. Lee Thompson VHS
Captives The History Channel  
Career Girls  Mike Leigh  VHS
Casablanca Michael Curtiz  VHS 
Casablanca  Michael Curtiz  DVD(2) 
Carlito's Way  Bria DePalma VHS
Carrie Brian DePalma DVD
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  Richard Brooks VHS
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Richard Brooks  DVD
Cat People, The Jacques Touneur VHS
Cell, The  Tarsem Singh  VHS
Celluloid Closet, The Epstein & Friedman  VHS
Centre Stage  Stanley Kwan  DVD
Chan is Missing Wayne Wang DVD
Chaplin Collection, The Gold Rush Charles Chaplin DVD
Cheech & Chong's (double feature) Next Movie/Born in East L.A. Thomas Chong DVD
Cheyenne Autumn  John Ford  VHS
Chicago Rob Marshall  DVD 
Child's Christmas in Wales, A Don McBrearty VHS
Children's Hour, The William Wyler  DVD
Children's Hour, The William Wyler DVD
Children of the Damned Anton Leader VHS
Chimes at Midnight  Orson Welles  VHS
Chinatown   Roman Polansky VHS
Chinatown Roman Polansky  DVD
Chung King Express Wong Kar-Wai DVD
Cinderella  Disney VHS
Cinderella Man  Ron Howard DVD
Cinema Paradiso Giuseppe Tonatore VHS
Citizen Kane   Orson Welles DVD
Citizen Kane   Orson Welles VHS
City Lights (The Chaplin Collection) Charles Chaplin DVD
City of Hope  John Sayles  VHS
Civil War Journal History Channel Presentation DVD
Clash By Night Fritz Lang DVD
Clash of the Titans Desmond Davis DVD
Classic Singing Cowboys Turner Classic Movies VHS (4 set) 
Classified X  Melvin VanPeebles  DVD
Cleopatra  Joseph L. Mankiewics  VHS (2 set)
Clockers  Spike Lee  VHS 
Clueless Amy Heckerling VHS
Cold Comfort Farm  John Schesinger VHS
Cold Mountain Anthony Minghella DVD
Cold Sweat/Arch of Triumph (Double Feature) Terence Young/Waris Hussine DVD
Colonial House 2004 DVD
Color Purple, The  Steven Spielberg  VHS
Coma Michael Crichton VHS
Come See the Paradise Alan Parker DVD
Coming Out Under Fire  Arthur Dong  VHS
Compleat Beatles, The  Patrick Montgomery  VHS 
Connection, The Shirley Clarke  VHS
Conspiracy Theory  Richard Donner  VHS 
Contempt Jean-Luc Godard  VHS
Conversation (The) Francis Ford Coppola DVD
Cotton Comes to Harlem Ossie Davis DVD
Count Dracula  Bram Stoker VHS
Count Dracula Jess France VHS
Crash Paul Haggis  DVD
Crimes and Misdemeanors  Woody Allen  VHS 
Croaching Tiger Hidden Dragon Ang Lee  VHS 
Crossfire   Edward Dmytryk DVD
Crossing Delancey  Joan M. Silver  VHS
Crying Game, The  Neil Jordan  VHS
Curse of Frankenstein, The Terence Fisher  VHS
Curse of the Golden Flower Zhang Yimou DVD