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Face in the Crowd, The  Elia Kazan DVD
Face Off John Woo VHS
Fail Safe  Sideny Lumet  VHS 
Fallen Angels   Kar Wai Kong DVD
Falling Down  Joel Schumacher  VHS
Family, The  Ettoe Scola  VHS 
Fantasia Disney  VHS 
Fargo Coen DVD
Fargo Jol Coen  VHS 
Fast Runner, The Zacharias Kunuk DVD
Fatal Attraction  Adrian Lyne  VHS
Faust (1 & 2)    VHS
Fearless Vampire Killers Roman Polansky  VHS 
Ferris Bueller's Day Off John Hughes DVD
Few Good Men, A   Robert Reiner  VHS 
Fiddler on the Roof  Norman Jewison  VHS 
Film Noir-Classic Collection (5 Suspense Thrillers)   DVD (5)
Films of Kenneth Anger Volume I, The Kenneth Anger DVD
Films of Kenneth Anger Volume II, The  Kenneth Anger DVD
Firm, The Sydney Pollack  VHS
Finding Nemo  Andrew Stanton/Lee Unkrich DVD
Finishing the Game Justin Lin DVD
Fire Over England (1937) Nobility 1919N DVD
Fish Called Wanda, A  Charles Crichton  VHS
Fisher King, The Terry Gilliam  VHS
Fistful of Dollars  Sergio Leone  VHS
Fitzcarraldo  Werner Herzog DVD
Flip Wilson Show Volume 1    DVD 
Flip Wilson Show Volume 2   DVD 
Food, Inc. Robert Kenner DVD
For a Few Dollars More  Sergio Spencer  VHS 
For Your Eyes Only John Glen VHS 
Forbidden Planet  Fred M. Wilcox  DVD
Forbidden Planet  Fred M. Wilcox VHS
Force of Evil Abraham Polonsky  VHS 
Forget Paris  Billy Crystal  VHS
Forrest Gump Robert Zameckis Blue Ray
Forrest Gump Robert Zemeckis  VHS 
Footlight Parade  Lloyd Bacon  DVD 
Forty-Second Street Lloyd Bacon DVD
Fourth Protocol  John Mackenzie  VHS
Fox Horror Classics
(The Lodger, The Undying Monster, Hangover Square)
John Brahm DVD
Frank Kermode   VHS
Frankenstein, The Legacy Collection    DVD
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed  Terence Fisher VHS
French Connection, The Willian Friedkin  VHS
Fried Green Tomatoes Jon Auent  VHS 
From Hell  Albert Hughtes/Allen Hughes DVD
From Here To Eternity  Fred Zimmerman  VHS
From Russia With Love  Terence Young  VHS 
Full Monty, The  Peter Cattaneo  VHS
Funeral in Berlin   Guy Hamilton  VHS 
Furious Flower: African-American Poetry (Vol. 1-4) John Hodges  VHS