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Garden of the Finzi, -Contim's, The  Vittorio De Sica  VHS 
General, The  Buster Keaton  VHS
Genera Daughter, The Simon West  VHS 
Gentleman's Agreement Studio Classics DVD
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes  Howard Hawks  DVD 
Georgia Ulu Grosbard  DVD
Get Shorty Barney Somenfeld  VHS
Getaway, The Sam Peckinpah DVD
Gettysburg Ronald Maxwell  VHS
Ghost Dog Jim Jarmuxch  DVD
Ghosts of Missisippi  Rob Reiner  VHS 
Gilda Charles Vidor DVD
Gilda Charles Vidor  VHS
Girl Upstairs, The Ben Bober (NYFA 2004) VHS
Girlfriends Claudia Weill  VHS
Gleaners, The Agnes Varda DVD
Gladiator  Ridley Scott VHS 
Glass Key,The Frank Tuttle  VHS 
Glory Edward Zwick DVD
God Grew Tired of Us Christopher Quinn DVD
Gods Must be Crazy, The  (part I and II) James Uys  VHS 
Godfather, The (Pert II) Francis Ford Copplola DVD
Godfather Collection  Francis Ford Coppola DVD (set of 4) 
Godfather Collection Francis Ford Coppola  VHS (set of 3) 
Gold Rush, The  Charlie Chaplin  VHS
Gold Rush, The (The Chaplin Collection)  Charle Chaplin  DVD
Golden Bowl James Ivory DVD
Golddiggers of 1933 Mervyn LeRoy DVD
Golddiggers of 1935 Busby Berkeley DVD
Goldfinger   VHS
Goldmember (Austin Powers) Jay Roach DVD
Gone With the Wind Victor Fleming  VHS 
Good Fellas Martin Scorsese  VHS 
Good Morning  Ozu DVD
Good Morning, Vietnam Barry Levinson   VHS 
Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, The                        (part I and II) Sergio Leone  VHS 
Good Will Hunting   Gus Van Sant  VHS
Goodbye Mr Chips (Black & White) Sam Wood  DVD
Goodbye Mr Chips (2002)  Margaret Mitchell  DVD
Gospel According to Saint Matthew Pier Paolo Pasolini  VHS
Graduate, The   Mike Nicholas  VHS 
Gran Torino Clint Eastwood DVD
Grand Canyon  Lawrence Kasdan DVD
Grand Hotel Edmund Goulding DVD
Grapes of Wrath, The  John Ford  DVD
Great American Songbook    DVD
Great Expectations David Lean DVD
Great Santini. The   Lewis John Carlino  VHS 
Great War, The (Volumes 1-4)    VHS
Greatest Story Ever Told, The George Stevens  VHS 
Green Mansions Mel Ferrer  VHS
Green Mile Frank Darabont  VHS 
Gremlins Joe Dante VHS
Grey Gardens and The Beales of Grey Gardens Maysles, Hovde, and Meyer (Criterion Collection) DVD (2)
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Stanley Kramer VHS
Gulliver's Travels Dave Fleischer  VHS
Gun Crazy Joseph H. Lewis DVD