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La Bamba Luis Valdez DVD
La Cage Aux Folles Edouard Moinaro  VHS
LA Confidential Curtis Hanson DVD
LA Confidential  Curtis Hanson  VHS
Labyrinth Jim Hensen  VHS 
LaDolce Vita  Federico Fellini  VHS
Lady and the Tramp Disney  VHS 
Lady Eve, The Preston Sturges VHS
Lady from Shanghai, The Orson Welles  DVD 
Lady Jane  Trevor Numm  VHS
Lady Vanishes Alfred Hitchcocks VHS 
Ladykillers, The Alexander MacKendrick  VHS
La Jetée sans Soleil   DVD 
Lake Poets, The   VHS
Last Action Hero John McTiernan DVD
Last Call at Maud's  Paris Poirier  VHS
Last Seduction, The  John Dahl  DVD 
Last Time I Saw Paris/Man on the Eiffel Tower Richard Brooks/Burgess Meredith DVD
Last Unicorn, The Jules Bass  VHS 
Laura Otto Preminger  VHS 
Lawless Range / Blue Steel Robert N. Bradbury  VHS
Lawrence of Arabia  David Lean  VHS 
Le Samourai Jean-Pierre Melville DVD
Leaving Las Vegas Mike Figgis  VHS 
Legend of Sleepy Hollow Disney  VHS 
Les Bonnes Femmes Claude Chabrol DVD
Les Boucher (The Butcher) Claude Chabrol DVD
Les Miserables Claude Lelouch  VHS 
Let Him Have It Peter Medak  VHS
Lethal Weapon Richard Donner  VHS
Letter to Brezhnev  Chris Bernard VHS
Letter to Three Wives, A Joseph L. Mankiewicz VHS
L.I.E. Michael Cuesta DVD
Libertine, The Laurence Dunmore DVD
Limey, The Steven Sodergergh VHS
Lincoln Steven Spielberg DVD
Lion In Winter, The Joseph Levine DVD
Little Buddha Bernardo Bertolucci  VHS
Little Mermaid, The  Ron Clement/John Musker  DVD 
Little Mermaid, The Disney  VHS 
Little Princess, A Alfonso Cuaron  VHS 
Little Woman   Gillin Armstrong  VHS 
Lives of Others, The Florian Henckel VonDonnersmarck DVD
Lodger, The Alfred Hitchock DVD
Lodger, The (Fox Horror Classics Set) John Brahm DVD
Lolita  Stanley Kubrick  DVD 
Lonely Are The Brave  David Miller VHS
Lonesome Dove  Simon Wincer  DVD 
Long Day's Journey Into Night Sidney Lumet  VHS
Long Walk Home, The  Richard Pearce  VHS
Look Who's Talking  Amy Heckerling  VHS
Looking For Richard  Al Pacino  VHS
Lord Love a Duck  George Axelrod  VHS
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring  Peter Jackson  DVD 
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Peter Jackson  DVD 
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Peter Jackson  DVD 
Lost In Translation  Sofia Coppola DVD
Love Happy (Marx Bros) David Miller  VHS 
Love! Valour! Compassion!  Joe Mantello VHS (2)