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Taboo Nagisa Oshima  VHS
Taboo  Nagisa Oshima  DVD 
Tale of Zatoichi, The  Kenji Misumi  DVD
Taming of the Shrew, The 1929 Classic, History of Cinema DVD
Taming of the Shrew, The    VHS
Taming of the Shrew, The Sam Taylor  VHS
Taming of the Shrew  Frank Perry  VHS (2)
Taxi Driver  William Woodman  DVD
Teknolust Lynn Hershman Leeson  DVD
Television Collection, The Roy Rogers  VHS 
Tell No One Guillaume Canet DVD
Tempest, The Julie Taymor DVD
Tempest, The Stratford collection DVD
Tempest, The  Peter Dews  VHS
Ten Commandmants, The (part 1 & 2) Cecil B. DeMille's  VHS 
Ten Things I Hate About You, The Gil Junger DVD
Terminator 3  Jonathan Mostow  DVD 
Testament of Dr. Mabuse, The Fritz Lang VHS
Terminator, The  Julian Lafay  VHS 
Terminator 2: Judgment Day James Cameron  VHS
That Touch of Mink Delbert Mann DVD
That's Entertainment!  Parts 1-4    DVD 
Thelma & Louise Ridley Scott  VHS
Them Gordon Douglas  DVD
They Died With Their Boots On Raoul Walsh DVD
They Live By Night/Side Street (double feature) Nicholas Ray/Anthony Mann DVD
Thin Blue Line, The Errol Morris DVD
Thin Man, The  W.S. VanDyke  VHS
Third Man, The  Carol Reed  VHS
Third Man, The  Carol Reed  DVD 
Thirty Sixth Chamber of Shaolin, The Liu Chia-Liang DVD
This is Spinal Tap Rob Reiner DVD
Throne of Blood  Akira Kurosawa  VHS (2) 
Titus Julie Taymor DVD
Titus Carol Reed VHS
To Be or Not To Be  Julie Taymor  VHS
To Have and Have Not  Howard Hawks  VHS
To Kill a Mockingbird  Robert Mulligan  VHS
To Kill a Mockingbird  Robert Mulligan  DVD 
To Sir With Love  James Clavell  DVD
To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Beeban Kurdon  VHS 
Tom Jones Tony Richardson  VHS 
Tootsie Sydney Pollack  VHS
Top Hat Mark Sandrich DVD
Top Secret !  Jim Abrahams  VHS
Touch of Evil  Orson Welles  VHS
Touch of Evil Orson Welles DVD
Touch of Zen, A King Hu DVD
Towering Inferno, The John Guillermin DVD
Transgeration Jeremy Simmons DVD
Treasure IV: Avant Garde (1947-1986)   DVD(2)
Trials, The  Orson Welles  VHS 
Trial by Media  Sheldon Larry VHS
Trials of Oscar Wilde, The Ken Hughes  VHS 
Triumph of the Will Leni Riefenstahl  VHS 
Tromeo & Juliet  Lloyd Kaufman  VHS (2)
Trouble the Water Carl Deal, Tia Lessin DVD
True Lies  James Cameron DVD
True Stories David Byrne VHS
Turn of the Screw, The Ben Bolt VHS
Turning Point, The  Kenneth Branagh  VHS
Twelfth Night  John Gorrie  VHS
Two Rode Together  John Ford  VHS
Two Thousand Forty Six Wong Kar-Wai  DVD