Course Descriptions

Academic Writing

Writing 101: English Language and Culture I (3 credits)

Designed for the non-native speaker of English, this course examines basic phonology and syntax in both theory and practice. The course is designed to strengthen writing and general composition skills, and to refresh and broaden the knowledge of spelling, vocabulary and grammar.  The main goal of this course is to provide students with writing skills they can use in current and future academic and professional courses and situations.  Prerequisites:  Permission from the instructor.  Credits: 3 (3-0). This course can be taken twice for full credit in order to provide more time for English language skills practice.

Writing 201: English Language and Culture II (3 credits) 

This course is designed as the second level of academic writing for non-native speakers of the English language. The main goal of this course is to help students advance their reading and writing skills, broaden their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, and hone their research writing skills. While major grammar trouble spots are reviewed in Writing 101, Writing 201 will provide an additional opportunity to practice the newly acquired writing skills.  Prerequisites:  WRTG. 101 and permission of the instructor.  Credits: 3 (3-0). This course can be taken twice for full credit in order to provide more time for English language skills practice.

Public Speaking

INTD 130: Academic Vocabulary & Discourse on College Campus (3 credits)

This course is designed to give non-native speakers of English an opportunity to learn and practice oral English skills necessary in an academic environment via in-class presentations, discussions, new academic vocabulary, idiomatic expressions often used in the American classroom, etc. The course will also assist them in learning cultural references to better understand native speakers in and outside of the classroom. The course incorporates workshops, lectures, in-class individual and group work. 

INTD 110: ESL Oral Communication (1 credit)

This course is designed primarily to provide students learning English as a second language with American English pronunciation skills that they will use in class discussions and presentations, current and future academic courses and professional life following graduation. In the process of improving speech sound production skills, the students will also become acquainted with American cultural and linguistic phenomena and be able to compare production and intonation patterns of their first language with standard American English pronunciation.



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