English Language Workshops

Group Tutoring Session

English language workshops on a variety of linguistic and cultural topics are available for students who wish further clarification in a particular skill area. These workshops can help build the oral and written skills needed to be successful in the rigorous academic environment. They can help students enrich their vocabulary and learn English idioms and American conversational language and slang.

For more information, contact Irene Belyakov at belyakov@geneseo.edu.

Previous Workshops

  • Reasons Why the English Language is So Difficult to Learn
  • Speaking with Appropriate Volume and Rate
  • Vocabulary Building Through Use of Nautical Terms I
  • Intonation in Questions and Statements
  • Vocabulary Building Through use of Nautical Terms II
  • Vowel Production in Standard American English
  • Vocabulary Building Through American Slang
  • Articulation of 'th'
  • Vocabulary Building Through use of Sports Jargon
  • Articulation of 'ch' and 'sh'
  • Vocabulary Building Through use of American Idioms
  • Vocabulary Building Through the Use of Nautical Terms III
  • Articulation of 'r'

ESOL Grand Opening

Grand Opening of ESOL Center

Articulation Session, Spring 2009

People talking


ESOL Center in Fall 2009

ESOL Center

Academic Honesty Workshop



Building Community Through Language Awareness Workshop: Spring 2008

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Previous ESOL Programs

ESOL @ the Movies: Throughout the academic year, the ESOL center sponsors Movie Night. Movie Nights present an excellent opportunity to watch a blockbuster movie and discuss it informally among friends.

The Java Bean Lounge: During the fall semester, the Java Bean Lounge provides an enjoyable opportunity for students to improve their oral proficiency and understanding of cultures. During these gatherings, small groups of students get together to informally chat over a cup of coffee or tea.