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Kim Leach

M.A, CCC-SLP. Adjunct Lecturer
South Hall 221A
Photo of Kim Leach

Kim Leach is a native resident of NY, having grown up in nearby Rochester. She received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in speech-language pathology at SUNY Geneseo and has over 30 years of experience in the medical and educational field as a NYS Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. She has a lifelong commitment to serve children and adults of all ages, abilities and cultures and to nurture a deep love of languages, communication and learning.

Kim previously served SUNY Geneseo as an adjunct lecturer and clinical supervisor to graduate students in the Communication Disorders and Sciences department and campus clinic. She developed and taught CDSc 445 and 528, addressing speech and language therapy with infants and young children, and augmentative communication for nonverbal individuals. She currently serves as the faculty advisor to a Geneseo club organization, BASIC. Kim works a “day job” as an SLP in a rural public school, teaching speech, language and communication skills. She also enjoys relating to and teaching college students both in and out of the classroom and is currently teaching INTD 110: Oral Communication to international students at SUNY Geneseo.

Kim relates that her greatest life experiences include seeing Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, riding a camel named Banana to the Great Pyramids, spending time with kids in mountain villages in Mexico, teaching primary teachers in Kenya, buying a pack of gum at the equator and taking in the beauty of the Rift valley in Mozambique. Her love of languages includes a working fluency in American Sign Language, Spanish and Italian, as well as having learned some important phrases in Portuguese and Swahili.

Other hobbies she enjoys include editing books, calligraphy, paper crafting, reading research in the areas of language development and disabilities, and mentoring new SLP’s and teachers.

Kim currently lives near Letchworth State Park with her husband John.

INTD 110 ESL Oral Communication

This course is designed primarily to provide students learning English as a second language with American English pronunciation skills that they will use in class discussions and presentations, current and future academic courses and professional life following graduation. In the process of improving speech sound production skills, the students will also become acquainted with American cultural and linguistic phenomena and be able to compare production and intonation patterns of their first language with standard American English pronunciation.