Frequently Asked Questions


Is the externship designed for a specific major?

No. We’re looking for a wide variety of students who are open to learn about possible careers and life after Geneseo.

Is there a certain year you need to be to participate in the Externship Program?

No!  Any one from freshmen to seniors can apply to be an Extern, so long as they are a full time student during the Spring of 2014.

Is there a fee to particpate?

If selected there is a fee to particpate as follows:

$400 to be paid upon acceptance to the program.
If all requirements of program are fufilled, $200 will be reimbursed to you.
Additional costs include transportaiton within city and some meals.  Alumni Association covers housing and airfare to and from the city.

What are the requirements to participate and complete the program?

  • Attending all pre-Externship Meetings
  • Journal and Impact Statement
  • Dream Job Assignment
  • Reality Job Assignment
  • "Living in the Real World: Assignment
  • Thank you notes to Alumni hosts
  • Program Evaluation

More information will be provided at the information sessions or you may contact Alexis Annitto at

How should I dress for the interview?

Students are expected to dress as they would for a job interview.