13% in 2013

13% in 2013

For years, the number 13 has been considered unlucky. But in 2013, Geneseo is putting this superstition to rest. We want to make 2013 a record-setting year for Geneseo and our students.

Will you be part of the 13% in 2013?


On Monday May 13th, Geneseo is launching our 13% in 2013 campaign to encourage alumni to support the College by making a gift to The Fund for Geneseo

Today I ask you to be part of the 13%. By making a  $13 gift before June 30, you help Geneseo come closer to achieving our goals. No matter the size, every gift counts!

Your gift to The Fund provides support for every academic department, helps faculty stay current in their disciplines, funds leadership programs for student-athletes, enables students to undertake research projects and so much more.

As your fellow Geneseo alumni, my wife Carol and I encourage you to join us in supporting Geneseo. In fact, we have personally committed to make an additional $13,000 donation to the Fund when Geneseo reaches 13% participation!

Please visit http://go.geneseo.edu/give to make your gift online.


Thank you for your support in making 2013 a lucky year for our alma mater and our students!



Jack Kramer ’76

Chair, The Geneseo Foundation Board of Directors