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The Bertha V.B. Lederer Gallery

March 24 - May 8, 2021

Opens: Wednesday, March 24, 5 - 7 p.m.

Two Solo Exhibitions Onsite

Reflections in Time: Linda Condon

The Bertha V.B. Lederer Gallery is pleased to present the artwork, screen prints of Linda Condon. This exhibit has been several years in the making. “Reflections in Time: Linda Condon” is in some sense a retrospective and simultaneously Condon’s autobiography. The works in the exhibition reach back to teenage angst in her series “School Days” through recent memories of the Irish landscape represented in “Post Cards.” Condon’s style, drawings, and color use evolved over the years. Her compositions are complex yet playful; they are vibrant and full of energy, and a pleasure to look at.  Linda Condon is a Rochester resident though she spends about one-third of her time there. She teaches printmaking in Ireland and Finland and her work is in collections in the United States, Ireland, and Italy. Condon exhibited several pieces in a juried print exhibit held at the former Lockhart Gallery and one of her prints is part of the college’s permanent collection.
You can view Linda Condon's exhibit at Flickr and her interview on Reflections in Time: Linda Condon

                                                                            Making My Way Home
                                                                            Making My Way Home, screen print, n.d.


At Work At Rest: Portraits: 2019 - 2021
Robert Doyle


                                                                                               Jackie, 2020

The gallery is pleased to welcome back Robert Doyle, this time, however, he is exhibiting a series of portraits, four life-size and six portraits of friends. The life portraits are significant because they offer a view of the sitters in their environments. These he denotes as "intentional" 

              "More Background...
               Scale of the subject/object in the image has interested me since the 1970s. In a number of projects over the years I                         have used lenses and enlargement size to render the subject at, more or less, life-size.            
               When the scale is 1:1 you tend to interact, engage…
               Eye contact… Look at me… acknowledge that there is an interaction… A depiction, a portrayal, a rendering… to paint…                 To paint - depict, render, portray, acknowledge and interact with the subject.
               To cause to be… to give back..."* 

*From Robert Doyle's artist statement. 
These are powerful statements about what matters to the sitter and yet challenges our notices of the importance of the image.
You can view Robert Doyle's exhibit on Flickr and view his interview on YouTube