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Between the Moors and the Sea: Leslie Stroz

September 16 - December 12, 2020

The Bertha V.B. Lederer Gallery is pleased present in its online gallery an exhibition of plein air oil and watercolor paintings by Leslie Stroz. Since she moved to Devon, England she has become enamored with the rolling hills, tall grasses, and quaint ancient villages still humming with life and character today. Those scenes are perfect foils for the challenge of completing outdoor scenes within a few hours. The different treatment of the oil paintings versus her watercolors denotes the uses to which she puts both medias. The watercolor paintings are to a large extent studies for future paintings. The gallery is fortunate to exhibit an array of different outdoors scenes that require a variety of methods to handle nature’s many surfaces. An extraordinary art instructor, Stroz taught drawing and painting at SUNY Geneseo from 2010 to 2014 until she moved to the English countryside with her husband and daughter to paint and beginning her own teaching practice. Other institutions are SUNY Brockport, Moraine Valley College, Il, Joliet Junior College, IL, and currently an assessment specialist for art with Cambridge/Oxford/Royal School of art. Stroz exhibits her artwork and conducts workshops for students and artists. To see more art by Leslie Stroz at:

A pre-recorded interview is available at 5 pm on YouTube:Artist Interview with Leslie Stroz

Between the Moors and the Sea: Leslie Stroz

Jonah Blumenthal: Textures

Jonah Blumenthal: Textures at Lederer Online Gallery

Jonah Blumenthal: Tinfoil

Jonah Blumenthal: Tinfoil at Lederer Digital Gallery