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Lederer Online Digital Exhibitions

Lederer Online Gallery

The Bertha V.B. Lederer Gallery

March 24 - May 8, 2021

Opens: Wednesday, March 24, 5 - 7 p.m.

Reflections in Time: Linda Condon

The Bertha V.B. Lederer Gallery is pleased to present the artwork, screen prints of Linda Condon. This exhibit has been several years in the making. “Reflections in Time: Linda Condon” is in some sense a retrospective and simultaneously Condon’s autobiography. The works in the exhibition reach back to teenage angst in her series “School Days” through recent memories of the Irish landscape represented in “Post Cards.” Condon’s style, drawings, and color use evolved over the years. Her compositions are complex yet playful; they are vibrant and full of energy, and a pleasure to look at.  Linda Condon is a Rochester resident though she spends about one-third of her time there. She teaches printmaking in Ireland and Finland and her work is in collections in the United States, Ireland, and Italy. Condon exhibited several pieces in a juried print exhibit held at the former Lockhart Gallery and one of her prints is part of the college’s permanent collection.
You can view Linda Condon's exhibit at Flickr and her interview on Reflections in Time: Linda Condon

Reflections in Time: Linda Condon


At Work At Rest: Portraits: 2019 - 2021
Robert Doyle

The gallery is pleased to welcome back Robert Doyle, this time, however, he is exhibiting a series of portraits, four life-size and six portraits of friends. The life portraits are significant because they offer a view of the sitters in their environments. These he denotes as "intentional" 

              "More Background...
               Scale of the subject/object in the image has interested me since the 1970s. In a number of projects over the years I                         have used lenses and enlargement size to render the subject at, more or less, life-size.            
               When the scale is 1:1 you tend to interact, engage…
               Eye contact… Look at me… acknowledge that there is an interaction… A depiction, a portrayal, a rendering… to paint…                 To paint - depict, render, portray, acknowledge and interact with the subject.
               To cause to be… to give back..."* 

*From Robert Doyle's artist statement. 
These are powerful statements about what matters to the sitter and yet challenges our notices of the importance of the image.
You can view Robert Doyle's exhibit on Flickr and view his interview on YouTube Robert Doyle


At Work At Rest: Portraits: 2019-2021

The Changing Landscape: Motion and Memory: Carol Heft

November 4  - January 6, 2021

The Lederer Online Digital Exhibitions is please to announce our fourth exhibition for fall 2020, Carol Heft: The Changing Landscape: Motion and Memory. This exhibition exclusively concerns the importance of drawing to Heft's art practice.  Heft's use of line, and movement back and forth across the page imparts a sense of vitality and dynamism. The line or marks in some drawings present a slo build to a complete rendering of foliage, the woodiness of trees, and the far horizon. In others there is a distinct interfusion of the terrain and line describing it that forms the abstract. However, that same affinity for gesture, to gesture in the landscape, now become marks that imbue the figure with music that insists on being read as a performance to dance. Carol Heft's drawings, whether figurative or descriptive of nature enliven and energy to move back and forward, side to side and calls the viewer to participate in a dance of life.

Carol Heft has exhibited her work in numerous galleries and museums, national and international and include one of the early artist artist-run co-opt galleries the Blue Mountain Gallery in New York City, and Gross McCleef Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.
You can view the Carol Heft Interview here. 

Carol Heft: The Changing Landscape: Motion and Memory

The Misogyny Papers: Apology: Victor Davson

October 21, 2020 - April 1, 2021

The Lederer Online Digital Exhibitions is please to present The Misogyny Papers: Apology (2919-2020) by Victor Davson. To date the Misogyny  Papers consists in over 200 paintings, each 12 inches by 12 inches. This exhibit of 8 paintings each is constructed of 40 to 50 paintings, all but one is arranged in some variation of a cruciform or cross pattern that varies in complexity. These works of art adhere to socially engaged art and specifically “brings into relief issues of gender bias, violence and discrimination against women.” 

Although this work is activist in form and intent, it also allows the viewer to witness the coalescing of Davson’s figuration and abstraction methodologies that exhibit a particular philosophy of form. With that, his use of color simultaneously  provides contrast that exudes narrative, that is, again made evident in the manner that text becomes mark, that not only tells you something, perhaps it is greater than mere narrative, reaching in the psyche of the a misogynist of the 1960s that Davson “felt compelled to silence.”( See Davson account of images found in his attic). Each individual painting has something say, as does each piece in its entirety.

During Women’s History Month: Victor Davson and I will discuss with Grace Aneiza Ali her recent publication Liminal Spaces: Migration and Women of the Guyanese Diaspora. Method, date and time to be determined. View the Victor Davson Interview here. 


The Misogyny Papers: Apology: Victor Davson

Between the Moors and the Sea: Leslie Stroz

September 16 - January 6, 2021

The Bertha V.B. Lederer Gallery is pleased present in its online gallery an exhibition of plein air oil and watercolor paintings by Leslie Stroz. Since she moved to Devon, England she has become enamored with the rolling hills, tall grasses, and quaint ancient villages still humming with life and character today. Those scenes are perfect foils for the challenge of completing outdoor scenes within a few hours. The different treatment of the oil paintings versus her watercolors denotes the uses to which she puts both medias. The watercolor paintings are to a large extent studies for future paintings. The gallery is fortunate to exhibit an array of different outdoors scenes that require a variety of methods to handle nature’s many surfaces. An extraordinary art instructor, Stroz taught drawing and painting at SUNY Geneseo from 2010 to 2014 until she moved to the English countryside with her husband and daughter to paint and beginning her own teaching practice. Other institutions are SUNY Brockport, Moraine Valley College, Il, Joliet Junior College, IL, and currently an assessment specialist for art with Cambridge/Oxford/Royal School of art. Stroz exhibits her artwork and conducts workshops for students and artists. To see more art by Leslie Stroz at:

A pre-recorded interview is available at 5 pm on YouTube:Artist Interview with Leslie Stroz

Between the Moors and the Sea: Leslie Stroz

Jonah Blumenthal: Textures

Jonah Blumenthal: Textures at Lederer Online Gallery

Jonah Blumenthal: Tinfoil

Jonah Blumenthal: Tinfoil at Lederer Digital Gallery