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Field Experience

Field Experience

Urban farming & aquaponics at the Massachusetts Avenue Project, Buffalo, NY (2015)

Fieldwork is central to a geography education, providing the breadth of experience and perspective that is central to the discipline. The Department of Geography's field experience course typically extends over four days and entails research and presentations by all student participants. Lately, the course has been offered in the former coal-mining towns of Eastern Pennsylvania, as well as Detroit, Toronto, the Adirondacks, the Alleghenies and the Catskill Mountains.

GEOG 275 Field Experience

An intensive, three to four-day field course in which students experience geographic phenomena firsthand while cultivating skills in geographic observation. Pre-trip meetings are required and students are asked to conduct, and present in the field, advanced research. Emphasis is placed on reading and interpreting the physical and human landscape in varied regional settings.

The Lisa M. Kuligowski Memorial Geography Fund was established in 2006 by her friends to honor the memory of the 1998 Geneseo geography graduate, who died as the result of a tragic accident in 2004. The Kuligowski Memorial Fund helps support the department's field experience course.