Bachelor of Arts in Geography

Total credits required to complete major: 42-44

Core Requirements

42-44 credits

GEOG 102

Human Geography


GEOG 111/112

Physical Geography


GEOG 123

The Developing World


GEOG 275

Field Experience or an approved study abroad/study away field course including ENVR 268: Landscapes and Liveli- hoods in Central Appalachia and GEOG 269: Geographic Field Studies in Western Canada


GEOG 278

Statistics in Geography


GEOG 286

Introduction to Geographical Information Systems (GIS)


GEOG 291



GEOG 374

Geographic Thought


Intermediate Electives

One intermediate physical geography course from GEOG 220, 230


One intermediate human geography course from GEOG 201, 250, 274


One intermediate regional geography course from GEOG 259, 261, 262, 263, 265, 266

Advanced Geography Electives


Three advanced geography courses from GEOG 330, 331, 333, 340, 348, 350, 352, 355, 370, 371, 376, 377, 382, 385, 387, 388*


*A total of 3 credits in any of the following courses may be applied to the

Advanced Geography Elective requirement from GEOG 386, 395, 397, 399

Minimum Competence Requirement

A grade of C– or better is required for all geography courses used in fulfillment of the major.

Department Writing Requirement

The department’s writing requirement has been incorporated into GEOG 374 Geographic Thought, required of all Geography Major seniors. Majors must meet the writing require- ment criteria in order to pass the course. For further information, please contact your advisor or the Department Chair. For information on writing requirements for “double” or “triple” majors consult the Undergraduate Bulletin under “Multiple Majors” or the Office of the Dean of Curriculum and Academic Services.

Study Abroad

The Department offers a semester long study abroad program in The Netherlands. The pro- gram, offered at the University of Groningen, is open to junior and senior geography majors. Students receive 12-15 credits. Instruction is in English. Other study abroad opportunities are available. For additional information contact the Geography Department.