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Darrell Norris

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Bailey 236
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Darrell Norris has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 1981.

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  • B.A., Cambridge University, England
  • M.A., McGill University, Canada
  • Ph.D., McMaster University, Canada; 1981
Spring 2016 Classes

GEOG 123:
S/M/The Developing World

    An examination of the cultures, countries, and regions of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, South and East Asia. Attention is focused on problems such as growing poverty and resource exhaustion,
    and population problems. Prospects for change are examined under different types of development strategies. Offered every year
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GEOG 250:
U/American Landscapes

    An appreciation of the American cultural landscape between its pivotal transition from regional folk norms to the chronologies of national popular culture in the nineteenth century and thence to the v
    aried landscape impacts of the automobile in twentieth century American society. While the course emphasizes material-cultural features, the built landscape, it also explores landscape as a theme in literature, the visual arts, and advertising. When you have completed this course, you will be able to read and interpret the roadside landscape systematically and will be familiar with the wide range of field, archival, secondary, and Web resources that help to explain our visible and relatively recent built past. Offered not offered on a regular basis
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GEOG 266:
M/Geog of Western Pacific Rim

    This course examines the regional and cultural geography of the countries of the western Pacific Rim from the Korean peninsula and Japan to Australia and New Zealand. The course considers the varied
    pace and direction of Asia-Pacific economic development in the context of factors such as cultural background, settlement history, comparative economic advantage, demographic transition, and a wide range of environmental settings from sub-Arctic to Equatorial ecosystems. The growing integration and global importance of the region and its gateway cities are given special attention. Not offered on a regular basis
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