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Career Management Leadership Certificate

The Career Management Leadership (CML) Certificate is being updated and the Career Design Center expects to relaunch a pilot program in the fall. For questions, please email:

Career Management Leadership Certificate

How do I successfully navigate my career?

Successful employees know how to network, connect with a range of diverse colleagues, managers, and clients, and articulate both their strengths and goals for the future. Research shows that these skills directly impact an employee’s career mobility. Those with the most rapid ascent state that the driving factor was their ability to manage their career. 

-J. Podany, Career Leadership Collective


The Career Design Center at SUNY Geneseo specializes in the field of comprehensive career education to inspire students and recent graduates to create and pursue their purpose and dreams. Join us to complete the newly redesigned Career Management Leadership (CML) Certificate to discover these insights and learn how to successfully navigate your future! 


Criteria 1:  Complete 4 GOLD workshops from the following list, select what YOU believe to be most relevant given YOUR current stage in the career management process. 

  • *Career Exploration-Designing your future
  • Networking
  • Intro. to Resume
  • **Advanced Resume
  • Introduction to Interviewing
  • ***Advanced Interviewing
  • Internships
  • Job Search Strategy
  • LinkedIn
  • Transitioning to the World of Work
Recommendations and Prerequisites:
*Recommended as a foundational workshop 
**Introduction to Resume
***Introduction to Interviewing

Criteria 2: Complete 2 additional “elective" workshops, selecting from the list above or from any of the GOLD offerings that give credit for the "Career Management Leadership Certificate."

Criteria 3: Completion of a career-related experience.

YOU choose from the following career-related experiences:
  1. Consultations with alumni from the Career Advisor network.
  2. An informational interview in a field of interest.
  3. A networking experience
  4. “Shadow” experience.
  5. An Internship.
  6. Career Development Event
  7. A LinkedIn Learning Course
After completing your career-related experience, please fill out the following Google Form: 


Criteria 4: Completion of 1 workshop from the Equity-Minded Leadership Certificate. YOU choose which workshop is most interesting and relevant for developing YOUR skills and goals! 


Students will be able to better articulate their skills and goals for the future, and impact their own career mobility and success in managing their careers throughout their lifetime.


With individual flexibility in mind, you can complete one workshop or take them all!  To earn the CML Certificate complete all four certificate criteria in any order relevant to your unique growth path!


To complete this redesigned and updated certificate, select from 4 approved GOLD workshops, 2 additional “electives” workshops, a career-related experience of your choice, and an elective from the Equity Minded Leadership Certificate!