Co-curricular Involvement Transcript

The Co-curricular Involvement Transcript is a record of your out-of-class activities during your time at Geneseo. The transcript also gives you an opportunity to reflect and catalog the skills you have developed. Furthermore, it aids you in choosing activities and planning your time outside the classroom.

Important Note: The Co-curricular Involvement Transcript is created using your College-assigned email address as your account username and your Geneseo password for authentication.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Co-curricular Involvement Transcript?

There is much more to college than just going to class. The transcript is a way to organize co-curricular activities, add details about experiences (so you won't forget what you did as a freshman and sophomore for when you are a senior), and evaluate what types of activities you have not yet taken part, but should to make yourself a well-rounded candidate. In addition, several undergraduate awards and scholarships highly recommend that the transcript be submitted with an application.

How do I create my transcript?

Log into your transcript. Complete the New User Registration, and complete Add New Activity for each activity that you would like to include on the transcript. You may make a copy of your unofficial transcript at any time. You may want to make an unofficial working copy to use when you plan your class schedule with your advisor. You should use landscape rather than portrait when printing to make a neat and attractive presentation. Note: currently the Co-curricular Transcript is best viewed via the Internet Explorer web browser.

Where can I see a sample transcript?

You can view a sample Co-curricular Transcript on the GOLD website.

How do I obtain an official copy of my transcript?

You may obtain an official transcript by sending an email request to Nicholas Palumbo - and asking for an official copy. Please allow a week for processing of the transcript. You may also wish to make your official transcript a permanent part of your placement file in the Career Services office. Please note that this service is offered free of charge.

What kinds of activities should be included? The Co-curricular Involvement Transcript is divided into four categories for an easy overview and for you to see where you may need more experience. Keep in mind that activities can only be listed under one category. There are four categories to choose from:

  1. Campus Organization Activities: includes membership in any group on campus or co-curricular activity (i.e. Resident Assistant, Greek organization, student organization officer, intramurals, etc.).
  2. Community Involvement: includes experiences that assist the larger community. These may be organized through Geneseo or initiated by the student (i.e. political campaign, Habitat for Humanity, volunteer, etc.).
  3. Professional or Educational Development: includes participation in workshops, education development (i.e. American Marketing Association, Kappa Delta Pi, Lamron photographer, etc.).
  4. Honors, Awards, Recognition: includes any formal recognition (i.e. Dean's List, scholarships, National Residence Hall Honorary, etc.).

Can I make changes on my transcript?

Absolutely! If you want to list an activity under a different category or amend the Areas of Development you may do so by going to your account and clicking on the Edit Activity button. Your transcript is meant to be a work in progress that you personalize throughout your time at Geneseo.

When should I start my transcript?

Start Now! It's easy to begin documenting and planning your journey through Geneseo. By starting now, you will make better decisions concerning how to utilize your time and you will not miss opportunities to expand your interests and experiences.

Who should I identify that could verify my entries?

The verification for different activities varies according to the type of organization or activity. The following are acceptable sources:

  • Student Organization - the president of the organization
  • College committees or organizations - the faculty chairperson or advisor
  • Professional/Educational development experiences - supervisor, advisor or president
  • Community Services - official of the organization or agency

How do I use the Areas of Development List?

The Areas of Development are provided to help you determine areas of growth and to ensure comparable transcripts among students. For each activity, you may choose up to three Areas of Development, which describe the personal skills you progressed in that activity. Simply list these areas of development on the Activity Report Form and they will appear on your transcript. For more details and a list of descriptions for each of the available Areas visit our Areas of Development page.

Helpful Hints

  1. Do not use "I statements."
    • I chaired the committee. I also was in charge of the budget. I created a marketing campaign.
    • Each description should be a short phrase beginning with a past tense action verb for past activities that briefly describes what you did or accomplished. If it is a current activity, use the present tense. Do not write a job description because the reader will get the idea and be more likely to read your transcript if it is succinct and to the point.
    • Transcripts should be similar to a resume but provide more detail on your experiences and accomplishments. Error on the side of less words than more 
  2. Use action verbs.
  3. Keep it up-to-date. Once a month, go in and add details. In time, you will forget certain things and will be glad it's kept securely on this site.