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Global Engagement Certificate

The Global Engagement Certificate will not be offered during the 2021-2022 academic year and expects to relaunch in fall 2022. 

Global Engagement Certificate

The Global Engagement (Amethyst) Certificate provides students with opportunities to prepare for studying abroad and to reflect on the experience once they return. Students who complete eight workshops will earn the Amethyst Certificate. The certificate is broken into two components: Pre-Departure and Re-Entry. It is strongly recommended that the Pre-Departure workshops be taken prior to studying abroad, however accommodations can be made. In order to earn the certificate, two Pre-Departure workshops must be completed: "BaFa BaFa" and "Going Global: Examining Intercultural Competency Models." upon return, two Re-Entry workshops must be completed: “Structured Reflection: Articulating Your Story" (four-page reflection paper required) and Transitions from Abroad: Easing the Re-Entry Process. Journal submissions will be required for each of the four required workshops and for each of the options four workshops.

Required Workshops

  • BaFa BaFa 
  • Going Global: Examining Intercultural Competency Models (Pre-Departure) 
  • Structured Reflection: Processing Your International Experience (Re-Entry) 
  • Why Doesn't Anybody Care? (Transitions from Abroad) 

 Amethyst Certificate