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GOLD Testimonials

"I am a solid supporter of Geneseo's award-winning GOLD program. As I deal with employers and graduate school admissions representatives, I continue to hear that while they are of course interested in candidates who are accomplished academically, they especially value those who have also taken full advantage of the out-of-class learning and personal development opportunities available to them. Participation in GOLD should be on the radar screen of each and every Geneseo student, regardless of class year or major. The program's remarkable array of workshops can only enhance a student's experience at the College, and what is gained from GOLD will continue to pay dividends to them over the course of their career." - Jerry Wrubel | Director of Career Services | State University of New York at Geneseo

"I'm in my Senior year at Geneseo and I've only completed my Silver and Bronze certificates for the GOLD program. I didn't know much about GOLD until last year when I was required to attend two sessions by Residence Life every semester. I wish I had learned about it sooner, so that I wouldn't be rushing to complete my certificates now. It was then I realized that GOLD is a great opportunity for Business School students. All SOB majors are required to complete 12 Professional Development events by the time they graduate. I've accumulated 9 PD credits this way by choosing workshops that I feel are most relevant to my experiences. The GOLD program is beneficial to Business students in general because it offers a chance for professional development through more engaging workshops and the opportunity to earn GOLD certificates -- proof that I've taken the initiative to develop myself as a leader -- at the same time." - Michelle Esposito

"One would think that after two and a half years of participating in the GOLD program, I would be used to the relevance the workshops have to my life. Yet after each session I am pleasantly surprised that I can relate to the topics discussed. I frequently find myself thinking about and using techniques that I learned in GOLD workshops over the past semesters. I still think about the Time Management session I took freshman year; I use some of those tips in my daily life. The GOLD program has helped me in all areas of my experience at Geneseo: in the classroom, in various executive board positions of different organizations, in my job as a Resident Assistant, and generally as an active and involved member of the campus community. As a freshman, I thought GOLD was something only the over-achievers did-but it is really something that all students can and should be involved in. I often run into friends and acquaintances in the workshops, which gives me a unique opportunity to hear what my peers are doing on campus, and how they are pursuing the countless leadership opportunities at Geneseo." - Charlotte Abram

"GOLD is a great complement to any student's college studies. You can learn skills that easily transmit to the real world by taking workshops about running effective meetings, group dynamics, and publicity and promotion. Furthermore, the user-friendly workshop and journal formats make the program accessible and doable by everyone."
- Chad C. Salitan | Class of 2009 | Gold Leader Mentor 2006-2009

"The GOLD program significantly contributed to my growth as a person at Geneseo. Not only did it teach me strong leadership skills, but it also provided an avenue for me to practice and use the skills by introducing me to organizations on campus, and eventually as a Leader Mentor. The amount and variety of workshops offered by the program makes it possible for anyone to participate and find workshops on a subject that they consider interesting - whether it is theoretical leadership concepts, teambuilding and other leadership skills, community engagement, a commitment to diversity, or other topics. Furthermore, the quality of each workshop is outstanding - each is taught by either a professor, a knowledgeable member of the Geneseo community, or a regional leader. The structure of the GOLD program makes it convenient for any student to participate, and the skills that one can develop by taking these 1-hour workshops made it a no-brainer for me. After participating in the program for four years, I believe that the GOLD program must be one of the top university-sponsored leadership development programs in the nation." - Brendan D. See | Class of 2008 | GOLD Leader Mentor 2006-2008