Faculty Committee on Administrative Appointments
and the Distinguished Academy of Geneseo

The FCAA is the committee of shared governace which advises the president on the selection of administrative officers at the level of Vice President.  It frequently operates as a subgroup of the search committee convened for the specific position.  The FCAA is described in the Bylaws of the Faculty, Article V, Section 3.

The Distinguished Academy of Geneseo (DAG) is not specifically named in the Faculty Constitution or Bylaws, but is used here to refer to the group described in the Bylaws of the Faculty,  Article V, Section 2 and Article V, Section 3.  The group primarily comprises the faculty of Distinguished rank.  Its function is to select the FCAA and similar groups, and thus it is included on this page.


In spring 2014, the DAG used the system described on the page linked here to run the election of teaching faculty for the Presidential Search Committee.