There are numerous other committees and groups on campus, which serve a variety of purposes and often include members of the faculty, even though the groups are not part of the faculty governance structure.  Many of those are listed below.

T/he following list is not exhausive.  If you know of a committee or group that is missing, and that is not limited to a single academic department or program, please send details to for inclusion here.

Group names that are links provide the charge for that group.

Other Committees

    Constituencies Represented
    Academic Faculty
     Professional Staff
Group  Organizing Area   Students
Advisory Committee on Volunteer and Service Programs Student & Campus Life  ? ? ? 
Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Group Student & Campus Life  ? ? ? 
Geneseo First Response Board of Directors Student & Campus Life  
Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Board Student & Campus Life  
Interpersonal Violence Prevention Committee Student & Campus Life  
Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee Student & Campus Life  
Personal Safety Committee Student & Campus Life  
Student Health Advisory Committee Student & Campus Life  
Workout Center Advisory Committee Student & Campus Life  ? ? ? 
Global Education Advisory Committee Academic Affairs   
Genseo Applied Learning TeamAcademic Affairs
Student Athletic Advisory Committee Athletics Department   (Intercollegiate Teams)
Teacher Education Advisory Committee Ella Cline Shear School of Education  ? ? ?