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A number of organizations offer scholarships for members and non-members through the Geneseo Foundation and their own national educational foundations.


Scholarships for fraternity/sorority members: 

The following organizations have endowed a scholarship through the Geneseo Foundation. Scholarships are given annually to an initiated member of the granting organization. Information about the scholarship and eligibility criteria should be directed to the granting organization.

Alpha Kappa Phi

Created to financially assist Ago sisters with their educational expenses. Click here to learn more.

Alpha Clionian

For an active sister of Phi Kappa Pi in good standing with the College and sorority.

Sigma Kappa

Presented annually to three active members of Sigma Kappa.

Sigma Tau Psi Leadership Scholarship

 Presented each semester to a brother of Sigma Tau Psi who displays:
      -academic excellence: minimum gpa of 2.75
      -on-campus excellence: outstanding leadership on campus and in the surrounding community
      -excellence in leadership: shows specific examples of leadership that leads to the betterment of the fraternity, campus, and community

Tau Kappa Epsilon/William Genesky

Presented annually to an active member of any recognized Geneseo fraternity. Applications are available each April.


Scholarships for any Geneseo student:

The following organizations have created a fund that awards scholarships to Geneseo students who are not affiliated with a Greek letter organization. Click on the organization's name for additional information and the application. 

Delta Phi Epsilon

Given to one incoming freshmen female. Deadline to apply is October 10, 2014. Click here to apply.