T. Jelke Solutions Consultant Report (2011)

In February 2011, Dr. Tom Jelke, of t.jelke solutions, visited SUNY Geneseo to conduct a thorough assessment of fraternity & sorority life. The charge was to a) comprehensively evaluate the fraternity/sorority community; b) comprehensively evaluate the fraternity/sorority community's relationship with the College and the College community; c) provide recommendations as to how to help the fraternity/sorority community become more high performing; and d) identify ways in which the college could have a stronger relationship with and provide greater support for the fraternities and sororities on campus.   

His evaluation consisted of individual and group interviews (both formal and informal) with 108 students, 21 College administrators, 2 faculty members, and 3 College alumni/chapter advisors.  He also analyzed 15 pertinent documents ranging from council constitutions to College policies and procedures.  Finally, some time was spent observing the campus culture, with emphasis on the fraternity/sorority community.

The resulting final report will be collaboratively used by administrators, alumni, and, most importantly fraternity and sorority leaders, to create a strategic plan (one that is in line with the College’s values, mission and plan) for individual chapters and the fraternity and sorority community as a whole. 

A copy of the final report can be accessed by contacting Wendi Kinney, Coordinator of Greek Affairs/Off-Campus Living, at kinney@geneseo.edu or 585-245-5968.