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G-STEMS is a National Science Foundation-funded program at SUNY Geneseo that provides scholarships for academically talented STEM majors with financial need.

Eligible Majors

Please note that adolescent education certification majors are not eligible for the G-STEMS scholarship.

The program is designed to support scholars through the successful completion of their degrees while maximizing the opportunities available to STEM majors. In addition to scholarships, G-STEMS offers peer and faculty mentoring, cohort-building activities, research experiences, conference attendance and presentation experiences.

physics research

geology student

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Scholarship Information

Scholarships will be awarded to G-STEMS scholars to assist with the cost of attending Geneseo. The program will support two cohorts of 15 scholars each, for a total of 30 G-STEMS scholars. The amount of each scholarship will depend on the scholar's unmet financial need, with scholarships averaging $5,000 and ranging up to $10,000 per year.

G-STEMS scholarships are available to first-year students and transfer students. Scholarships will be awarded beginning with the Fall 2021 semester.

As long as scholars continue to meet the program requirements, the scholarships will be renewed in subsequent years or until students reach a maximum amount of $40,000. The scholarship amount could change annually with changes to student FAFSA reports.


To Qualify

To quality for the G-STEMS scholarship, students must be:

a) U.S. citizens, nationals, legal permanent residents, or refugee aliens

b) declared major in one of the majors listed above

c) admitted and enrolled at Geneseo

d) academically talented in STEM

e) demonstrated interest in their respective STEM discipline

f) low-income with unmet financial need

To Maintain

To maintain the G-STEMS scholarship, students must:

a) maintain cumulative and major GPAs of 2.9

b) demonstrate academic progress by remaining on track to graduate in four years for full time students, and as determined appropriate through academic advisement for part-time students

To Apply

To apply for the G-STEMS scholarship, apply to SUNY Geneseo. Specifics on the G-STEMS application process will be coming soon.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the faculty advisors at the bottom of this page, or reach out to one of our admissions counselors.

Integrated Science Center

Have Questions?

Contact the program faculty advisors by email: 

Dr. Jani Lewis (biology, biochemistry, neuroscience)
Dr. Eric Helms (chemistry, biochemistry)
Dr. Amy Sheldon (geochemistry, geological sciences, geophysics)
Dr. Melissa Sutherland (mathematics, applied mathematics)
Dr. Anne Pellerin (physics, applied physics, biophysics)

The G-STEMS program is funded by National Science Foundation grant #2030672.