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COVID-19 Test Result Submission

In order to return to campus, all residential and off-campus students are required to:

  1. Take a COVID19 test no sooner than 14 days* before arrival on the SUNY Geneseo campus. See examples below.
    • If your arrival date on campus is August 26, you can not take the test any earlier than August 12 
  2. Acceptable COVID 19 tests
    • Rapid antigen tests and PCR tests are acceptable
    • FDA Approved At-home tests are now acceptable
    • Please note that antibody test are NOT ACCEPTABLE
  3. As soon as your results are available, upload a negative test result to under immunizations. 
    • Your results must have your first and last name on them to be accepted. If you receive a text, you will need to contact the testing facility to obtain proof with your name. 
  4. You must quarantine at home for 7 days before your arrival on campus

If your test results are positive:

  • Your local Department of Health will be alerted. For those residing in Geneseo, that will be the Livingston County Department of Health.
  • The DOH will contact you directly and send you a letter informing you of your mandatory isolation.
  • At the end of your isolation, you will receive a letter letting you know that you are no longer required to isolate. You need to send this letter to the Student Health Center before you can resume activities or classes on campus. You can do this in one of three ways:
  1. drop it off in our confidential dropbox
  2. fax it to 585-245-5744
  3. email a scan to

For testing sites near you, go to

If you do not have insurance, you can utilize a state facility for free testing. Go to to contact a site near you.  

It is strongly recommended that the test be performed within the week prior to the student entering their seven-day, pre-arrival quarantine to provide adequate time for both the receipt of test results and the completion of the quarantine.

There are three ways to submit your test results to Student Health and Counseling:

  1. Upload it to under immunization (PREFERRED METHOD)
  2. Scan and fax it to 585-245-5744
  3. Email the results to

Questions? Contact Student Health and Counseling at